Iron Tribe Fitness Membership Cost (2022 Updated)

Iron Tribe Membership Cost

Iron Tribe is a franchise of gyms that focus on team-based group workout sessions, comparable to those of CrossFit or other group style workout classes. Founded officially in 2010, the first gyms were located in Alabama. In fact, the Iron Tribe founder actually began with a garage gym that was offered to friends via an invite-only system. Now, in 2022, Iron Tribe has expanded across the country to serve other communities all over the Southeast.

Iron Tribe Fitness membership cost varies by city, but the average monthly cost ranges from $189-$249. There are five different fitness programs including Prime, Push, Power, Perform, and Peak. Each membership plan offers a different style of training. Additionally, each plan covers a wide range of amenities, including mid-sized groups with personal trainers and multiple fitness programs.

If you want to learn more about what a membership at an Iron Tribe gym might entail, stick with us for a while! We’ll cover amenities, trials, guest passes, cancellation options, and more so that you don’t have to do the digging on your own!

Iron Tribe Membership Cost

So, what can you realistically expect to pay for an Iron Tribe monthly membership?

Well, the price ranges from about $190 for the group style classes to $250 for the prime membership, which includes the smallest group sizes and has the most one-on-one personal training support.

These memberships may be purchased in segments of a few months, as in 4,6-, 8-, or 12-month plans, though this is specific to each location and their process.

Each membership type has something to offer and can be catered toward different needs and fitness goals.

Fitness ProgramStyle of TrainingCost
Prime·A tailored fitness routine
· Customized nutrition coaching
· Hands-on instruction
· 4-person classes
Most Expensive: $250
Push· HIIT program (high intensity interval training)
· Cardio exercises
· Bodyweight movements
· Targeted weight training
· 45-minute group classes
Mid-Price: varies
Power· Strength training
· Weightlifting
· Cardio
· Gymnastics
· Group classes
Mid-Price: varies
Perform· High-level athlete training
· Limited to athletes with a track record of high performance
· High-level strength training
· Targeted conditioning
· 60-minute group sessions
Mid-Price: varies
Peak· Great for those starting their fitness journey
· Focuses on nutrition
· Skill-building
· Moves from beginner-level workouts to advanced, with coaches there every step of the way
Least Expensive: $190

Iron Tribe Membership Benefits/Amenities

  1. InBody Scan: Those who choose to become members at any Iron Tribe location can expect to receive something called an “InBody scan”, which is essentially an analysis of body composition so that each individual can be informed about their fat, muscle, and water levels.
  2. Memebr to Coach Ratio: this is also a big factor to consider when evaluating any group-based workout class. Aside from the Prime membership, which offers a ratio of 4 members to 1 coach, the general Iron Tribe ratio is 10 members to 1 coach. So, even in group workout classes, you’ll have access to individual support, feedback, and training while getting to experience the accountability and motivation of a group setting.
  3. Private Showers: Iron Tribe locations have private showers for their members to use, because they know that many of us tend to go from the gym to work, events, or just want to clean up before heading home for the day.
  4. Protein & Supplements: members also have access to purchase protein and supplements that may offer additional support on their fitness journeys.

Iron Tribe Cancellation Policy

We know that not every gym setting is going to work for everyone, so what happens if you decide that Iron Tribe may actually not be the gym for you? Can you cancel your membership or are you locked in for a while?

Iron Tribe makes this one pretty easy, and the option to cancel is one that may not be used but is certainly a source of comfort to hesitant potential members.

You have the ability to cancel services at any time, as long as you give 30 days of notice to Iron Tribe. Essentially, if you decide in mid-January that you would like to explore a different gym or something of the sort, you will be able to cancel and be done with your membership in February.

Does Iron Tribe offer a Free Trial?

So, I can cancel an existing membership but what if I just want a free class or two to test out the waters?

Each location offers different options for each class type, but in short, yes. Iron Tribe does offer free trial options.

Recently, a Kentucky location was offering a promotional 2 free weeks of classes for their Push membership so that potential members could experience all that Iron Tribe has to offer without the pressure of immediately signing up for a membership.

Does Iron Tribe offer a Guest Pass?

Iron Tribe is focused on building community and trust between coaches and members, so guest passes are not something that they advertise.

No, it does not look like Iron Tribe offers guest passes. However, members may be able to find out about any promotional free trials that their friends or family may use while in town. This is a great way to give others a sense of the gym and workout style that members use.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

The great thing about choosing to be a member at Iron Tribe is that the cost is a complete one. Members have access to the group workout sessions in their membership plans, but Iron Tribe offers them more than that.

Coaches tend to meet with members monthly to go over their nutrition, personal progress, and re-evaluate fitness goals. So, not only is there such a large community focus when it comes to this gym, but members truly get access to the support that they need to navigate their own shifting skill levels, strength, and nutritional progress.

Of course, if a member decides to change his or her fitness program, that may come with an increased membership price.

When it comes down to it, the only thing that members may purchase additionally are supplements and protein!

Is Iron Tribe Similar to CrossFit?

Iron Tribe has been compared to CrossFit, thanks to its group workout style of classes. However, this gym tends to cater more toward busy professionals who need to fit their personal fitness goals into busy days of work.

Iron Tribe is great for this crowd, because everything from warm up to work out to cool down can be done in 45 minutes. At least in most group classes, that is.

Which Classes Does Iron Tribe Offer?

Iron Tribe offers 5 different fitness programs, each of which cater to different individual (and group) needs.

Well, what are these different programs?


This is the most individually focused program, with classes of just 4 members to 1 coach, a more tailored fitness routine can be offered. The instruction takes a hands-on form and there is also customized nutrition coaching that is offered to members with this program plan.


This program is great for those looking for some guided high intensity interval training, while keeping a class time of 45 minutes to fit into a lunch hour or somewhere else during a generally busy schedule.


These group classes focus on many different aspects of strength training, such as weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics to offer a balanced and diverse set of exercises.


If you are a high-performing athlete with a proven track record of athletic performance, this is the class for you. While all classes can cater toward different levels of fitness and skill, performance is a 60-minute course that focuses specifically on those with a higher performance and need.


On the flip side, if you are beginning your fitness journey or don’t feel quite as confident in your form, peak is a great way to increase your skills and fitness. This option is typically offered as a 4-month program that helps you go from beginner to advanced level work outs, alongside a coach that will help you navigate the entire process!

Iron Tribe Fitness Locations

Iron Tribe Fitness currently operates 29 gyms throughout the country. To find an Iron Club Fitness gym near you, feel free to utilize their Store Locator.

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