Club 33 Membership Cost (Extensive Guide)

Club 33 Membership Cost

You wouldn’t know it, but there’s a secret club in Disneyland known as Club 33. It has existed since 1967, offering a private retreat for Disney’s most exclusive guests. Today, the club is still as active as ever, but the secret’s out. Everyone wants to know more about this incredible club for the upper echelon of society. What’s it like there, who is allowed to go, and how much does it cost for a membership?

A membership to Disneyland’s Club 33 costs approximately $25,000 upfront and $10,000 annually. Membership is available to a small, exclusive group of individuals. To purchase a membership, you must write a letter of inquiry, wait on a list, and receive an official invitation. Many wait years for their invitation, but not everyone is accepted into this elite establishment.

Wanna know more about Mickey Mouse’s most expensive clubhouse yet? Read on for more!

Where is Club 33 Located at Disneyland?

If you’ve been to Disneyland before, you may be left wondering where exactly Club 33 is. That’s because Disney decided to hide this exclusive club “in plain sight” before the eyes of unsuspecting guests.

The entrance to Club 33 is in New Orleans Square. Members enter into a reception area and are greeted with a cold or hot towel depending on the season. From there, a cast member will direct you to ascend the grand staircase to the second floor where Club 33 is located.

Many people mistakenly believe the entrance to Club 33 is above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. However, this is the Disneyland Dream Suite, a 2,200 square foot luxury apartment. The Dream Suite was available to the public starting in 2006, but it closed in 2014 and has remained closed since.

Club 33 members are entitled to a tour of the Dream Suite upon request.

Club 33 Membership Benefits

You could simply wander around Disneyland, but you likely will not get the best value without a well-crafted plan. Often, Disneyland plans revolve heavily around hitting specific attractions at the right times. Using fast passes effectively guarantees you get the most bang for your buck.

If you’re a Club 33 member, you have access to a wealth of benefits which prime you for success at Disneyland. Member benefits include:

  • Access to dine at Club 33
  • Access to a bar
  • 2 Annual Passes
  • 50 1-day Park Hopper Passes
  • 10 Instant Fast Passes for every visit
  • Free valet parking at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
  • Club 33 members-only events

As a Club 33 member, you are welcome at Disneyland just about any time. Plus, you will have tickets to provide friends and family and fast passes to bypass lines throughout your visit.

Does Club 33 Membership Include Disneyland Park Admission?

Club 33 membership comes with Disneyland Park admission for its members, but that’s not all. A member receives two Annual Passes, one for themselves and one for a spouse, friend, or family member. 

In addition, they receive fifty Park Hopper passes. This allows Club 33 members to share the wealth in a very big way and bring the whole family for multiple days at Disneyland.

Considering the exorbitant price of Club 33 membership, it’s the least they could do.

How Much Does It Cost to be a Member of Club 33?

Disney does their best to keep details of Club 33 shrouded in mystery. What is known, however, is that Club 33 is among one of the most expensive club memberships in the world.

Members must pay an initiation fee once they receive their invitation followed by annual fees for every year of membership. Exactly how steep these fees may be depends on who you ask.

Some members reported spending $25,000 initially before parting with $10,000 in annual dues. Others considered this figure conservative, citing their intuition fees were closer to $90,000 with yearly membership fees as high as $25,000.

How Long is the Waitlist for Club 33?

Membership at Club 33 is invitation only, but you must request an invitation first. For Club 33 at Disneyland, this requires writing a letter to Club 33 Member Services, 1600 S. Disneyland Drive Anaheim, CA 92802 indicating your interest.

If you are eligible and have the financial means to purchase a membership, you will be placed on a waitlist. Disney caps the number of members, so no invitation will be provided unless a member leaves the club.

Some members claim they remained on the waitlist for over 15 years without receiving an invitation. Some wind up waiting on the waitlist indefinitely.

Because of the limited capacity, extravagant price tag, and Disney’s popularity, not everyone who requests consideration will ever be awarded a membership.

How to Get Invited to Club 33?

To get invited to Club 33, it all starts with your letter of inquiry. Keep in mind that Club 33 is very exclusive. They will peruse your letter and use it to determine if you will be a good fit for the club. Treat it the same way you would applying for a job and maintain a professional tone throughout.

Once your letter has been received, you may call Member Services to inquire. However, the club is very exclusive and the waitlist is notoriously long. A representative will not be able to tell you exactly when you will receive an invitation, but they will provide an estimate.

If and when you do get your invitation, be sure to have the initiation fee ready to be paid. You will forfeit your invitation if you are unable to pay.

How Hard Is It to Get to Club 33?

Getting into Club 33 is exceedingly hard, as there are relatively few spots available. With a waitlist that leaves people on the hook for 15 years or longer, you will have more luck getting just about anywhere else.

Getting into the actual Club 33 restaurant and lounge, on the other hand, is not as difficult. Club members may invite guests to join them. Talk about friends in high places!

How Many Club 33 Members Are There?

Club 33 seeks to maintain an air of exclusivity. For that reason, there are approximately 500 members at a time.

Since memberships are by invitation only, this means that millionaires and billionaires who want a Club 33 membership will not be provided one on a whim. Even if you’re flush with cash, you will have to sit on the waitlist for a lengthy period before receiving your invitation.

Companies with Club 33 Membership

As a not-so-secret super-secret club at Disneyland, the public is not privy to the identities of its members. This includes companies who hold a corporate membership.

If you suspect your company is affiliated with Disneyland’s Club 33, inquire with your HR department. Not only will they be able to confirm or deny your suspicion, but they may also provide information on how you could enjoy a visit if they are, in fact, membership holders.

Rules of Club 33

Club 33 aims to uphold the highest standards of decorum and demands the same of all guests.

Upon receiving your passes from Guest Relations, members will receive a card with the following rules written:

  • Guests must be on time for their reservations. Club 33 reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the party arrives 30 minutes or more beyond the scheduled reservation time.
  • Lunch enforces a “fashionable casual” dress code – no tank tops, cutoffs, swimsuits, bare midriffs, sweatpants, flip flops, sandals, or beachwear allowed.
  • Dinner enforces an “evening casual” dress code – collared shirts and slacks for gentlemen, informal dress or pants with a blouse for ladies.
  • Alcohol is a privilege that can be revoked at the club’s discretion.
  • No smoking allowed.
  • Use of cellphones in the dining room is prohibited.
  • Lewd contact, inappropriate attire, solicitation of any kind, and profanity are not tolerated.

To summarize, Club 33 expects appropriate conduct, a polished appearance, and punctuality from its members. So long as you keep these rules in mind, there is much to enjoy at the ever-elegant Club 33.

Is it Worth to Join Club 33?

Whether or not Club 33 is worth it depends entirely on your net worth and personal sensibilities.

First, you should have the required funds to pay the initiation fee, annual fees, and then some, as it’s not fiscally responsible to bankrupt yourself for a brief membership at Club 33.

If you do have the money and you can tolerate the lengthy wait, then it is for you and you alone to determine if the membership benefits and access to the club are worth the price tag.

For most of us, we will never need to decide, as we will never be able to afford such an exorbitant price. 

One can dream though.

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