Chelsea Piers Membership Cost (Updated 2023)

Chelsea Piers Membership Cost

Chelsea Piers is more than just a gym. It’s a full-on fitness experience. Their flagship location in Manhattan features top-of-the-line fitness equipment, group classes, and amenities galore. It’s no wonder it has consistently ranked as one of or the best gyms in New York. With so much value, how much should someone expect to pay to enjoy the perks of membership?

Chelsea Piers Fitness memberships cost between $200 and $350 depending on membership level and location. The membership is more expensive than many competitors, but it offers significantly more than a standard gym. Chelsea Piers also offers frequent promos and discounts to encourage new members to sign up. Overall, it’s costly, but it’s well worth the price tag.

Are you interested in trying out Chelsea Piers Fitness or signing up? Read on for more information on how to do it!

How Much is Chelsea Piers Fitness Membership?

As with many gyms, Chelsea Piers Fitness prices seem to fluctuate. Many members report receiving different discounts and monthly rates depending on their negotiations during sign-up. However, the following should provide an accurate framework of the prices for January 2023.

Membership TypeCostInitiation Fee
Single Club - Chelsea$250$0
Single Club - Downtown Brooklyn$220$0
Single Club - Stamford~$200$0
Founding Membership - Prospect Heights$180$0
All Access Membership$285$0
Platinum Membership$350$0
Day Pass (Sept-May)$60N/A
Day Pass (May-Sept)$100N/A

Each Single Club membership provides unlimited use of one location, unlimited classes, a complimentary fitness assessment, seasonal new member gift package, and six guest passes.

It is also worth noting that the Zero Initiation Fee is a current promo, and new members might expect to pay approximately $250 per new member during sign-up.

Family rates are not listed but are often offered during negotiations. Check with the staff at your preferred Chelsea Piers Fitness location for more details.

All-Access Membership

The All-Access Membership, on the other hand, allows the same but for all locations, including the yet-to-launch Prospect Heights location.

Platinum Membership

The Platinum Membership includes everything the All-Access Membership does plus two hours parking per visit at the Chelsea location. It seems steep to pay an extra $100 per month on parking, but have you ever tried parking in the city? Forget it!

What Does Chelsea Piers Membership Include?

A Chelsea Piers membership is more costly than many standard gyms, but it offers a lot more as well. Members, first and foremost, are entitled to use state-of-the-art fitness equipment like Woodway, Peloton, and Mirror. They also enjoy access to the luxury locker rooms and lavish amenities.

Because of this, membership at Chelsea Piers doesn’t feel like “going to the gym.” Instead, you feel as though you’re stepping into a high-end facility that offers incredible service and luxury.

Members also enjoy unlimited group fitness classes. Personal training is available, and a membership often includes one complimentary session. Sessions thereafter, however, cost approximately $100 for one hour, but may vary depending on the trainer.

Chelsea Piers Fitness Amenities

Amenities at the flagship Chelsea Piers location in Manhattan and Brooklyn include:

  • Communal work and social spaces
  • In-club café
  • High-end equipment
  • Luxury locker rooms
  • Sauna and steam room
  • Complimentary towels
  • Personal care products from Malin + Goetz
  • Wellness and massage studios
  • Outdoor spaces for sunbathing and socializing
  • Childcare center
  • On-demand fitness app classes and personal training

These are available at all New York City locations– Chelsea, Brooklyn, and a second Brooklyn location opening in 2023.

The flagship location also offers:

  • A 6-lane, 75-foot pool
  • An 11,000 square foot rock climbing wall
  • 3,400 square foot functional turf “The Infield”
  • Boxing ring
  • Queenax
  • Three basketball courts
  • Indoor sand volleyball court
  • 40-yard sprint lane
  • 1/4-mile track

The Downtown Brooklyn location also offers:

  • A 3-lane, 75-foot pool
  • Five studios for group classes

The Stamford location offers the same standard amenities as the NYC locations, with a few key differences. Instead of an in-club café, Stamford offers The Juice Bar by Nikki Glekas. In addition, non-members are welcome to receive massage services at the Stamford location.

Stamford also offers:

  • Olympic-size, 50-meter pool
  • Squash courts
  • Tennis courts

The fourth location will open in June 2023 in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. We will have to wait to see firsthand what’s available, but the Chelsea Piers site indicates there will be:

  • Four boutique-style studios including infrared studio for heated classes
  • Turf area
  • Kids Clubhouse

As for the rest, we will have to wait and see!

Chelsea Piers Fitness Discount

Chelsea Piers comes with a steep price tag compared to other fitness clubs, but there are frequent promos and discounts available.

The most common promotion completely does away with the hefty initiation fee. In fact, through January 31, 2023, you can sign up and pay no initiation fee. They will also throw in a $150 gift card to use at the club for personal training, café purchases, massages, and more.

New members also will receive one complimentary session for personal training, Pilates, or swim, six complimentary guest passes, and a gift package with merchandise and more.

It’s a new year, and Chelsea Piers is ready to help you get started with that resolution!

Chelsea Piers Fitness Locations

Chelsea Piers has three locations open at this time:

  • Pier 60 in Manhattan – The Flagship Location
  • Downtown Brooklyn – 265 Schermerhorn Street
  • Stamford, CT – 1 Blachley Road

The fourth location is scheduled to open in June 2023. It is located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn at 595 Dean Street.

A Single Club membership will allow you unlimited use of one club. Paying a higher monthly fee for an All Access Membership will allow you use of any of the locations, including the yet-to-launch Prospect Heights location.

Chelsea Piers Fitness Classes

All of Chelsea Piers Fitness locations offer a great selection of classes. All group classes are unlimited for members as well.

The class selection includes:

  1. Strength + HIIT
  2. Indoor Cycling
  3. Yoga
  4. Tai Chi
  5. Pilates
  6. Barre
  7. Dance
  8. Boxing
  9. Swimming
  10. Beach Volleyball
  11. Rock Climbing

Chelsea Piers also offers a number of classes geared towards members 65 and older.

Chelsea Piers Fitness Cancellation Policy

To cancel your Chelsea Piers Fitness membership, you must first acquire the Membership Cancellation Form. You may request one:

  • In-person – Visit your home club and ask for a Membership Cancellation Form.
  • Via email – Request a Membership Cancellation Form from [email protected].

Once it is filled out, it must be handed to the staff in person or sent via registered mail. Chelsea Piers Fitness does not accept online cancellations of any kind.

How Much Does It Cost to Freeze Account at Chelsea Piers?

Chelsea Piers offers the option to freeze your account for thirty, sixty, or ninety consecutive days. To process, Chelsea Piers requires a minimum of three days’ advance notice. All freezes begin on the first of the month. The cost of this service is 25% of your monthly fee.

Members with an annual contract will receive the frozen time added back at the end of their contract. For example, if you signed up on January 1st and froze your account for thirty days, your annual contract will not terminate until January 31st that following year.

Chelsea Piers allows members to reactivate a frozen account if you are ready to return sooner than expected. Monthly dues for reactivated frozen accounts are prorated based on when the member returns.

Does Chelsea Piers Fitness Offer a Free Trial?

Chelsea Piers Fitness does not offer a free trial. They do, however, offer some options in terms of “testing” the facilities prior to committing.

One option involves purchasing a day pass for $60 and using the facilities one time. You will be able to speak with the staff about purchasing a full membership if you would like to continue from there. If you happen to have a friend who is a member of Chelsea Piers Fitness, they are given six guest passes which will allow you to use the gym free of charge.

If you don’t have a friend who is a member and you don’t want to pay for a day pass, there is one other option. All Chelsea Piers Fitness memberships come with a 7-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied after seven days, you are welcome to a refund.

Does Chelsea Piers Offer a Guest Pass?

Chelsea Piers does offer guest passes to non-members, and they cost between $60 and $100.

Between September and May, a non-member must pay $60 to enjoy use of the fitness facilities. From May to September, however, that price increases to $100, as the club sees a higher volume of visitors during this season.

Members are given six guest passes each year to allow a guest free entry. Once the guest passes are used up, guests will be subject to the same day rate fees as all other non-members.

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