Advertise on Choosing Nutrition is one of the fast-growing blogs for everything keto, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and various other healthy lifestyles.

We cover the shelf life of various foods (how long they last) and even have a section for healthier options at your favorite restaurants! (See our guide about Vegan options at CAVA).

At times, we round up the latest fitness classes you can take to stay in shape. After all, nutrition and fitness go hand in hand!

But enough about what we write about… let’s jump into our actual expertise, the advertising options, and what we expect if we are to publish your content on our site.

Our Expertise

Nearly all of our content is written by Registered Nutritionists and Dietitians, which means the information we provide is highly accurate and engaging. We conduct deep research and aim to publish the most qualified content out there.

Since we work with experts in the field, we are often able to suggest healthier alternatives to foods our readers are interested in. We believe in breaking bad habits and living a healthier lifestyle.

Our Reach & Advertising Options

We help more than 100,000 individuals reach their nutrition goals, every single month. Our audience is highly engaged and often ready to make a buying decision to improve or maintain their healthy lifestyle.

We can feature your brand on the blog’s sidebar, which shows on every single article on our site (including the front page of the site).

Another way to advertise with us is by having us write a Sponsored Post for your brand. Keep in mind, we reserve the right to mark the articles as sponsored to comply with Google’s TOS, as well as test out your product or service before ‘vouching’ for it.

Our Writing Guidelines

Our writers cover topics related to nutrition, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. Every once in a while, we cover topics that are a little bit outside of our normal scope, as long as they jive with our loyal readers.

Most of the time, we’ll ask you to have our team of writers compose an article that works for your brand. This is because we have a specific content strategy.

Should you wish to write for us, here are our requirements (MUST MEET ALL):

– High-quality and engaging content that is highly relevant, research-based, and easy enough for our readers to understand

– Any claims you make in your article must be backed by authority sources

– Listicles are accepted but we prefer response-type posts. If you aren’t sure which topic to submit, let’s talk and work up an idea or two

– You must be able to write an article of at least 1000 words

– Your tone must be informative and friendly, but fact-driven! Change your tone according to the topic

– Your article should not be published anywhere else

– If it becomes clear to us your article is purely SEO-driven, we will not approve it. We are working with serious brands who want to get their name out there.

– We reserve the right to edit, reject, or revamp any parts of your submission(s)

Want to Write For Us? Here’s How to Submit Your Ideas!

Submitting an idea is quite easy! Please send us a few samples of your previous work and at least 3 article ideas. If those work, we’ll let you know. If not, we’ll submit article ideas you can work on.

Who We Work With

We partner up with nutrition brands, meal plan services, restaurants, delivery services, and many more. To advertise on our site, please contact us.