How Much Does Orangetheory Fitness Cost? (Updated 2022)

How Much Does Orangetheory Fitness Cost?

Orangetheory was founded in 2010 by Ellen Latham, who started out with one location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Over the past 12 years, Orangetheory has grown to become a popular fitness franchise with over a thousand locations across the United States and around the world. Many people choose Orangetheory Fitness because of the convenience and flexibility that it offers, but how much will it cost you?

The Orange Basic plan costs $59 per month at Orangetheory Fitness, and it is their entry-level plan. Orange Elite is their intermediate plan which costs $99 per month and includes 8 sessions per month. Orangetheory’s most advanced plan is Orange Premier which costs $159 per month and includes unlimited sessions.

With a variety of membership options available, you can tailor your Orangetheory experience to fit your budget. In this article, we’ll take a look at the cost of Orangetheory Fitness and what you can expect to pay. Let’s dig in!

What is Orangetheory Fitness?

Orangetheory Fitness is one of the largest fitness franchises in the country, with over 1200 locational all over the United States. Their workouts are based on two principles: heart-rate monitoring and Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).

EPOC is the energy deficit that occurs after a workout, and it’s called “afterburn”. It happens when you work at a high level of energy. In turn, your body creates an oxygen shortage that has to be recovered after the energy demands have subsided.

While your body works to repay its oxygen debt, calories continue to burn for many hours after the workout is finished. Afterburn can last up to 36 hours, according to Orangetheory.

During the heart-rate-based HIIT workout, a coach will guide attendees through 5 distinct heart rate zones:

  1. Resting
  2. Comfortable
  3. Difficult
  4. Unpleasant
  5. All Out

The coach will advise you when to push harder and when to relax for recovery.

The idea is to stay in the “Orange Zone”. This means your heart rate raised for 12 minutes or more to boost your metabolism, minimize fat storage, and burn calories.

Orangetheory Membership Pricing

Orangetheory offers a few different membership options.  They offer monthly memberships, as well as session packages that are good for one year from the date of purchase.

Monthly Membership Options

 Orange BasicOrange EliteOrange Premier
Cost$59 per Month$99 per Month$159 per Month
Number of Sessions4 Sessions per Month8 Sessions per MonthUnlimited Sessions
Additional Sessions for Current Members$18 Each$18 EachN/A

Orangetheory’s monthly plans are pretty straightforward.

1. Orange Basic

They have three levels of membership starting with the Orange Basic plan. This plan is $59 per month and will include four sessions per month.

This level is a good option for beginners or those who are looking to add Orangetheory sessions to their current workout regimens.

2. Orange Elite

The next tier is Orange Elite. This level grants you access to eight sessions per month for one person.

This level is a good option for those who plan to go twice a week. This plan is also perfect for those who might want to add a couple of extra classes each month. Additional classes can be added for only $18 instead of the drop-in rate of $28.  

3. Orange Premier

The highest-level tier offered by Orangetheory is Orange Premier.

At this level, you will have unlimited access to sessions. It is the best deal if you plan to go 3 times or more per week.

Session Packages and Single Class

This is a great option if you are adding Orangetheory to your current workout plan or don’t have a set schedule in mind. You can purchase a package of classes that you can use up to one year after the date of purchase.

 10 Sessions20 Sessions30 Sessions
Cost$199 per Month$359 per Month$499 per Month
Cost Breakdown$19.90 per Session$17.95 per Session$16.63 per Session
Additional Sessions$28 Each$28 Each$28 Each

Orangetheory offers flexible options for those who don’t want to commit to an entire month.

The sessions come in groups of 10, 20, and 30. The more you buy at once, the cheaper the classes will be. The packages are also much cheaper than paying $28 a pop for a drop-in session.

Does Orangetheory Have Any Additional Costs?

One of the perks of choosing Orangetheory is they don’t charge fees for enrolling or any annual maintenance fees. There are also no fees for canceling your monthly membership.

The only fee to keep an eye out for is the late cancellation or no-show fee. You will be charged $12 or forfeit the class if you wait too long to cancel or don’t show up at all.

Also, you will need to spend a few bucks on the heart rate monitor, either to rent or buy.

Orangetheory Amenities

The amenities offered by Orangetheory are what you would expect at any basic gym. They have locker rooms with showers. Some locations will provide toiletries for shower users such as shampoo, soap, and conditioner.

Some locations will provide towels for on-site use. However, don’t assume you will find these amenities unless you have already visited the location and know they offer them.

Is Orangetheory Worth the Price?

Deciding if Orangetheory is worth the price depends on how often you plan to go. If you compare the cost to that of another gym like EOS Fitness or Planet Fitness, it is much more expensive.


If you plan to go three or more times per week, the unlimited Orange Premier plan is the one you would want to sign up for. This will set you back $159 per month depending on the location. The high-end membership at EOS Fitness is $27 per month and it includes classes, free guests, and countless amenities.

Small Class Setting

Of course, the style and smaller class sizes are the main reason for the higher cost of Orangetheory’s sessions. They also use technology to track your process while you work out.  What it all comes down to is personal preference, but some may not feel it is worth the cost.

Does Orangetheory Involve Special Equipment?

This is one of the main reasons some people may think Orangetheory is expensive. In addition to the session or monthly fees, you are required you wear a heart rate monitor during the session.

This is how coaches monitor you to get you into that calorie-burning “Orange Zone”. It will track your progress on the TVs at the studio as well as via the smartphone app.

This monitor isn’t included in the price of the membership. It will cost between $60 and $100 to buy one outright or $5 per session to rent one.

If you do rent one, don’t forget to take it off. You will be charged full price if you leave with it.

Orangetheory Discount Offers

1. Corporate Rates

Orangetheory does have corporate discounts that can knock $10 per month of your monthly dues. According to the website, a corporate fitness membership includes a free “Lunch & Burn” intro class, a free Team-Building Workout, and Preferred Fitness Membership Pricing.

You can gain access to this if your company partners with the gym to provide these services to its employees.

2. Teachers & First Responders

There have been reports of certain locations offering military, teacher, and first responder discounts. However, due to the franchising nature of the clubs, these will vary between locations.

3. Groupon & Email Subscription 

Also, keep an eye out for deals on websites like Groupon as they will offer great sign-up promos for certain locations making it cheaper to try out the gym.

There have also been reports of offers via email. Some of these include discounts for signing up with a friend for a discounted rate, discounts on session packages, and monthly membership discounts.

4. Family Discount

If you would like to add additional family members to your Orangetheory Fitness plan, Elite or Premier, they will receive $10 off per month.

Does Orangetheory Offer a Free Trial?

Orangetheory doesn’t offer a free trial, but you can sign up for a free session via the website. If one session isn’t enough for you to get a feel for Orangetheory, you can buy sessions individually for $28 each.

Keep in mind that Orangetheory has a 30-day “Quit Free Guarantee”. If you enroll in the premium membership, attend 12 classes, and don’t like the results, they will refund the monthly fees.

Keep in mind, that the 12 classes must be attended within one month of enrolling to qualify for this guarantee.

Does Orangetheory Offer a Guest Pass?

Orangetheory doesn’t offer guest passes to members. They do offer one free workout for new visitors. This is a good way to introduce someone new to the club and see if they want to become a member. While this won’t work for the same person each time, you can use this to bring all your friends for their first session.

If a single free session isn’t enough for your guest, let them know they can pay for each session individually. Additionally, they can buy a package they can use as they wish.

What is the Orangetheory Cancellation Policy?

If you need to cancel a booked class at Orangetheory, make sure you do it ASAP. Once you hit eight hours before the start of the class, you will be charged $12 for late cancellation.

If you are enrolled in the Premier Tier, you will be charged a no-show fee. For those with individual sessions or have the Basic or Elite Plans, you will forfeit the session.

There is no cancellation fee to cancel your monthly Orangetheory membership. However, you will need to cancel at the club location or via certified mail at least 30 days in advance.

Otherwise, you will still be charged for the upcoming month. If this does happen, you will still have access to the classes until the renewal date. 

Orangetheory Classes & Class Schedule

Orangetheory is a class-based gym. You come in for scheduled sessions that are tailored for people of all fitness levels. All the sessions are the same and follow a structure that consists of cardio, rowing, and strength training.

Throughout the session, your heart rate will be monitored via the OTbeat technology device. It tracks your workout and gives you detailed info in real-time.

  1. Each class will last about 60 minutes and starts with a warm-up on the rower or treadmill.
  2. After that, the first half of the class is broken into short blocks on the treadmill to get your heart rate in the “orange” zone.
  3. The second half of the class consists of a mixture of rowing and weight training broken down into these same small blocks.
  4. The end of the class will consist of a cool-down period and some stretching.


The class schedules will vary by location. Here is an example of the classes at a location in Orange County, CA.

Monday - FridaySaturdaySunday
5:00 am7:00 am6:45 am
6:10 am8:10 am8:25 am
7:20 am9:20 am9:35 am
8:30 am10:30 am10:45 am
9:40 am
12:00 pm
3:00 pm
4:10 pm
5:20 pm
6:30 pm

Make sure you book as soon as you can for the week. The classes are posted on the website for up to one week in advance. They are listed with the name of the coach so you can stay with the coach you prefer or try a session with someone new.

How Do I Book a Class?

Booking a class with Orangetheory is a simple process.

  1. If you are looking to book your free trial class, fill out the form on the website with your name, email, and phone number.
  2. You will then be able to see the available classes at your chosen location.
  3. Choose from the available classes.
  4. Finally, you will need to provide a credit or debit card number to reserve your place. This is required as you need to cancel 8 hours in advance to avoid a fee. The card also acts as a security for a loaned heart rate monitor.

If you are a current member, log into the online portal and select a class time and location.

Is Orangetheory Good for Weight Loss?

Orangetheory uses a specialized HIIT style workout that is perfect for those who are looking to lose that extra belly fat. The style makes it easier to create the caloric deficit needed for weight loss. The reason for this is the use of EPOC or the “after-burn” effect.

This means you will continue to burn calories after you have finished working out by achieving excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This helps boost your calorie loss significantly.

Don’t forget about 70 to 80% of your weight loss is going to come through your diet. Just because you go to the gym five times a week doesn’t mean you can eat cheesecake every day and lose weight.

Paired with the proper diet of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, Orangetheory’s workout plan can help you lose weight and build muscle.

How Many Times Per Week Should You Go to Orangetheory?

For the best results, you should attend sessions at Orangetheory three or more times per week. This will get you close the recommended amount of physical activity per week while allowing ample recovery periods for your body.

Three or more times per week will also help you get the most out of your unlimited membership if you choose the Orange Premier tier.

Do I Need to Buy the Heart Rate Monitor to go to Orange Fitness?

While you don’t need to buy the monitor outright, it is required to join the sessions. The reason is that the entire workout is dependent on tracking your heart rate. The heart rate monitor is available for $119 via the Orangetheory website. It includes the monitor, two armbands, and a charging cable. They are also available for purchase at your local locations. If this is too much of a commitment financially, you can rent one for each session for about $5. The price will vary by location.

Renting is the way to go if you are unsure about your long-term plans. As stated on the website, all sales are final, so you can’t return the monitor if you decide to cancel your membership.

Related Questions

Does Orangetheory offer a Student Discount?

There is no set student discount for all the Orangetheory locations. However, due to the franchising nature of the locations, some may offer a student discount. Some of the discounts range from saving $10 per month to free or discounted classes.

Can I Go to Any Orangetheory Fitness Location with My Membership?

You are allowed to use your membership at any Orangetheory location in the country when it was purchased. If you are doing some traveling out of the country, make sure you plan to pay the drop-in fee for the location you choose to visit.

Can I Freeze My Orangetheory Fitness Membership?

Orangetheory allows you to freeze your membership twice per year. The minimum freeze time is 30 days, and the maximum is 60 days. However, you will still be charged an administrative fee on the regular due date. This fee will vary by location but is typically around $15. The only exception to the fee is if you are deployed in the military or you can prove a medical condition or injury that prevents you from working out.

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