Does Target Accept EBT? (Store Guidelines)

Does Target Accept EBT?

Target is a popular stop for many buyers to get everything from clothing to food to home décor and more. You may be wondering, however, if the store will take the EBT cards that are given to SNAP members as a form of payment.

Target does accept SNAP EBT cards as payment in all their United States-based stores. Most locations will have only certain food products that can be bought using your electronic balance transfer card. The card functions similarly to a debit card and can be in store or online. Target also accepts EBT payment for its delivery service, Shipt.

To learn more about how and when you can use your EBT card to shop at Target, keep reading. We’ll discuss if all locations accept EBT, products you can buy, and more.

Do All Target Locations Accept EBT?

Yes, all authorized Target locations do accept EBT. This allows you to enter any Target store in the United States and know that you’ll have some food options that you can purchase with your SNAP benefits.

So, you can head to Target’s nearly 2000 locations around the country. You can use the SNAP program’s retail locator to help you find locations near you. This will also assist you in finding other stores that will accept your EBT card as you shop for groceries and other staples.

Any items that do not fall under EBT’s coverage would just need paid for with another payment type. If that’s possible, you can buy both EBT and non-EBT products with two transactions.

Does Target Accept EBT Online?

Thankfully, like many other big name retail chains, Target has just begun accepting EBT online. Just a few months ago, this would not have been true. This change comes as of the past spring, of 2022.

So, if you see other sources noting that EBT is not accepted for online use, don’t worry. This is a new change that takes time to keep up with.

Since all physical locations also accept these cards, you have lots of options. As of April 2022, Target began allowing EBT payment through its delivery service, Shipt.

This includes curbside and pick-up orders, it appears. You can always call your local Target to confirm the policy if you are not sure.

If there are no Target stores in your area, then it may be best to use the SNAP retail locator to find alternative options.

Can You Use EBT on the Target Mobile App?

Another answer that would have been very different a few months ago! Target’s Mobile App now works with SNAP benefits.

So, now you can order directly on the mobile app. No need for workarounds such as pulling cash from your EBT card at an ATM and paying someone to order.

This makes Target much more accessible to a wide range of people and makes shopping easier. Instead of having to go to a store in person, you can pull out your phone and order SNAP approved groceries.

Does Target Accept EBT for Formula?

Target currently does accept EBT payment for most formula types. This is a nutritional essential, as far as products go, so the SNAP program covers it.

You may see that certain types of formula are covered while others aren’t. So, be sure to check on the SNAP site for your state to determine a formula’s coverage.

Nutritional value is at the basis of the SNAP program, so most formulas are covered. Formula intended for anything related to medical use may not be covered.

Does Target Accept EBT for Curbside Pickup?

Now that Target accepts EBT online, everything is easier for SNAP members.

You can easily order groceries online or in the mobile app. This means you can select drive-up, Target’s version of curbside pickup, as your preferred pick-up method.

If it’s been a long day and going into the store sounds like a hassle, your EBT card isn’t stopping you anymore. You can simply pull into one of the drive-up parking spots and have someone bring out those groceries.

Does Starbucks in Target Take EBT?

Target may accept EBT, but what about Starbucks?

Though the two are often seen together, they are still separate companies. Thankfully, SNAP-approved grocery stores that have connected Starbucks allow EBT at Starbucks, too.

Standalone, company-owned Starbucks stores do not accept EBT. Licensed stores, meaning those connected to other retailers, might. Target is one such provider where all Starbucks locations will accept EBT for certain products.

You’ll want to look out for items with a nutritional label, since SNAP is still focused on the nutritional value.

There are still lots of nuances about what is SNAP-eligible. For example, that Starbucks iced coffee that you can get at Target can’t be bought with EBT from Starbucks. This has to do with certain regulations about Starbucks’ status within the store itself.

Essentially, you can always do some research to see what is going to be accepted by SNAP at Target Starbucks.

Products You Can Buy with EBT at Target

Talking about SNAP-eligible products, let’s go over some things that you can buy with EBT at Target.

You can expect to buy staple ingredients and products more than those hot ready-to-eat meals or even frozen ones.

Some products you’ll likely be able to purchase on an EBT card at Target are:

  • Vegetables and Fruit
  • Fish, Meat, and Chicken
  • Cheese and Milk
  • Whole Wheat Bread
  • Grains (Rice, Pasta, Tortillas)
  • Juice
  • Peanut Butter
  • Soy Products (Including Tofu)
  • Yogurt
  • Oils for Cooking

What are some products that do not count for SNAP?

  • Alcoholic Beverages (Wine, Beer, Hard Liquor)
  • Cigarettes, Tobacco Products
  • Supplements (Protein Powders, Vitamins, Medicines)
  • Hot Food or Drinks Meant for Immediate Consumption
  • Non-Food Items (Cleaning Supplies, Household Supplies, Toiletries, Hygiene Products, Etc.)

As a reminder, if you are unsure what products are eligible, use the SNAP site and resources. Otherwise, you may want to just grab some items and be ready to put a few back if they don’t count.

What Forms of Payment Does Target Accept?

On top of their acceptance of EBT cards, Target accepts many forms of payment. So, you can decide what works best for you, especially if you hope to use EBT and another method.

If you are shopping at a Target store, you can pay with the following payment methods:

1. Contactless Cards

This means any ApplePay, GooglePay, or Samsung Pay where you tap your mobile device to the card reader.

2. Credit Cards

Swipe, insert, or tap your card to pay.

3. Debit Cards

Swipe, insert, or tap your card to pay.

4. Cash

This one should explain itself.

5. Target RedCard

Target’s store-specific credit card.

6. Gift Cards

You can use Target gift cards along with another payment method if the card doesn’t cover the full balance.

7. Target App

This functions like contactless cards would and allows you to tap your phone to pay for your goods.

8. EBT Cards

Use your EBT card like a debit card to pay.

9. WIC Program Cards

Available in authorized stores only and can often apply to things that EBT does.

10. Personal Checks

After check verification, you can pay with a check. In-store only.

11. Rebate Checks

These generally only pay for the partial cost of an item. Plan to have another payment method available.

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