20 Best Peloton Classes for Weight Loss (All Levels)

Best Peloton Classes for Weight Loss

Weight loss can be overwhelming as you may not know where to start or which program you should utilize on your weight loss journey. Luckily, Peloton contains an extensive library of classes that can get you where you want to be. You have likely heard of the Peloton bike and the benefits of cycling, and you may even own a bike! But with so many class options and workout plans you may wonder: what is the best Peloton class for weight loss?

The best Peloton classes for weight loss are Recovery Run, The Climb Ride, and Low Impact Ride. Classes such as Bike Bootcamp, Focus Flow, and Power Zone Endurance also help maximize weight loss. Consider classes like Peloton Tabata and Pro Cyclist Ride if you want to lose weight with any level of experience.

Read on to learn about the top 20 classes that you should try so you can accomplish your own personal weight loss goal. Let’s get started!

How Much Weight Can You Lose with Peloton?

The first rule for losing weight is to lower your daily calorie intake because overeating will make losing weight nearly impossible to achieve. The second rule is to burn extra calories and body fat by getting, as well as staying active.

Walking and every day activities are all helpful. However, to achieve the best results, adding some regular vigorous exercise into your weekly routine can bring along quick changes. A few examples of great exercises that will help with weight loss are swimming, jogging, and cycling. Each of these activities both strengthens and conditions nearly all of the muscles in the body. But what if severe weather conditions don’t allow for outdoor activity?

Peloton is a company that allows you to engage in vigorous exercise without having to leave your home. Known for their bikes, you may wonder: can I actually lose weight with if I only have a cycling machine? The answer is yes! On average, you can burn between 400 and 700 calories per 45-minute class!

Does Peloton Offer Other Classes Besides Cycling?

Even though you may automatically think about cycling when someone mentions the word Peloton (or maybe now you may think about the And Just Like That revival), they also offer weight training and treadmill exercises. A little experimentation can help you discover the best Peloton workout routines that work for you and your weight loss goals.

How much weight you lose with Peloton is highly dependent on how many classes or sessions you complete a week and whether you also stick to a calorie-controlled diet to help enhance your workout regime. Even if you exercise frequently, if you don’t have the same discipline in the kitchen, you will still maintain or gain weight.

Although each person is different, there are numerous accounts of individuals losing weight with this double-edged approach. Some people have even lost between 28 and 70 pounds within nine months. This is why patience and self-discipline are vital to achieving your weight loss goals, no matter what method you are using.

Benefits of Cycling for Weight Loss

Whether in the great outdoors or improvised using an indoor bike, cycling is an excellent exercise for the whole body.

  1. It offers a thorough cardio workout, which means that your heart and lungs are strengthened.
  2. Cycling also helps tone the glutes, quads, and calves and keep the joints supple.
  3. When you are engaged in cardio activity, you may also experience increased blood flow and an improved mood.

All of these components, in addition to the fact that cycling helps you burn body fat and calories, make it an essential tool for your weight loss program.

A general rule with cycling is that the faster you pedal, the more calories you burn. However, this doesn’t mean that you should dive straight into intense cycling workouts. Cycling at a moderate pace can burn around 300 calories per hour. If you mix moderate cycling with more intense short periods, within those 60 minutes you have the potential to burn double the calories.

While you may want to start with a more leisurely pace, a gradual build-up to more intense cycling is necessary for you to lose weight faster. Of course, you will always burn calories when you engage in an activity in general. However, if you want to continue building muscle and burning fat at an efficient rate, you need to up your game every time you hop on that bike!

Best Peloton Classes for Weight Loss

If you need something extra to motivate you, you may want to take a Peloton class or an 80-day Peloton before and after challenge. Luckily, there are plenty of these instructor-led classes to choose from to help you with your weight loss goals, and each one is designed to give you a Peloton body transformation. You can even take the lesser 30-day Peloton challenge while participating in these classes. Take a look below to learn about 20 of the best Peloton weight loss classes!

1. Low Impact Ride

A great point at which you can begin your Peloton journey and slowly build your fitness is with a Low Impact Ride class. This does not focus on intensity or speed, making it perfect for beginners. If you are out of shape or have not exercised for some time, then this workout can help prevent injury. This kickstarter class allows muscles in the body to be toned gradually until they become customized to regular exercise. This helps to avoid muscle cramping, pulled muscles, muscle tears, and general muscle soreness that sudden increases in activity can create.

In these classes, you remain with your cadence under 100, and you keep the resistance at no more than 50. This class gently improves aerobic fitness, burns calories, and banishes unwanted body fat. All of this makes the 20-minute workout ideal for those who want to lose weight!

2. The Climb Ride

The Climb Ride is excellent for weight loss because it slowly increases the intensity of a Peloton workout. As the name suggests, this class simulates cycling uphill, which is far more challenging than level ground riding. The intensity is increased gradually, so class members can slowly build their resistance over time.

This is the next best thing to a short sharp shock of vigorous cycling. Uphill riding doesn’t just help you burn more calories than standard biking, it also builds muscle quicker and is a great cardio workout!

A typical Climb Ride class lasts 10 to 60 minutes, and some mix 15 minutes of uphill riding with regular cycling. The Climb Ride is a great class to join once basic fitness has improved over time. Going full-throttle into a Climb Ride class is not advisable unless you are used to intense workouts.

3. HIIT and Hills

HIIT and Hills is a Peloton class led by multiple instructors that lasts up to 45 minutes. Music is used as a motivator here to get the energy flowing amongst the class. It also helps class members to hit and maintain a cycling rhythm. The emphasis of this class is climb cycling in both a sitting and standing position on the bike.

A typical class involves 6 to 7 minutes of intense HIIT and Hills cycling followed by 90 seconds of rest. This pattern is repeated throughout the duration of the class.

HIIT and Hills is a great full-body workout, and the combination of the saddle and upright cycling strengthens the legs, back, and abdominal muscles. You will experience this strength training while burning calories and speeding up your body’s metabolism. In addition, HIIT cycling for fat loss is ideal because it allows the body to burn fat even when the class has ended, and this is primarily down to the format of intense cycling mixed with resting periods.

4. Pro Cyclist Ride

If you are well into your weight loss program and your fitness levels are peaking, then you may want to consider the Pro Cyclist Ride. This is an advanced class that is not only good for weight loss, but is also great for maintaining your fitness level that dieting and weight loss programs have helped to achieve.

Christian Vande Velde usually heads this class. This man was a professional cyclist in his time, and he competed in the Olympics and the Tour de France. With Christian at the helm, this class is all about intensity and endurance. Cycling does not get more intense than this, and the periods of power cycling zones are slightly longer, but so are the breaks between the power zones.

Even though the class is 45 minutes long, the frequent breaks help most participants complete each class successfully. This is one of the most intense of all Peloton classes, and because of this, it pushes the body to the limit. If you embark on this class, you will find it to be the ultimate calorie burner.

5. Power Zone Endurance

If you can successfully navigate your way through a Pro Cyclist Ride Peloton class, then a Power Zone Endurance session is a great way to compliment your weight loss and fitness achievements.

As the name suggests, these classes are the longest of all Peloton cycling sessions and can last for up to 90 minutes. This class concentrates on reaching a certain level and speed of cycling and maintaining it.

Power Zone Endurance increases your heart rate and need for oxygen, which are two factors that contribute to speeding up calorie burning. In addition, the increase in heart rate over an extended period also helps to increase calorie burning for well after the 90-minute workout has concluded.

6. Peloton Tabata

Peloton Tabata is another intense class with a 2:1 ratio of work and rest periods. This Peloton class length ranges from 10 to 30 minutes and offers a high octane workout for muscles and the cardiovascular system. There are three regular instructors behind the Tabata, and they are some of the highest-rated Peloton instructors around. They include Robin Arzon, who is the Vice President of Peloton, Ally Love, and Olivia Amato. Expect these three to push you to your limits!

Is Tabata good for weight loss? Again, this session’s intensity and stop-start nature are great for creating the perfect fat-burning reaction in the body that lasts for hours after the session has finished. It is a fantastic routine that burns calories at a higher level than gentle exercise regimes, making it the perfect class for weight loss.

7. Bike Bootcamp

If you really want to put yourself through the paces, you can join a Bike Bootcamp. Here you can expect to participate in upper and lower body resistance training through alternate quick-fire exercise routines. A five to seven-minute cardio workout on the bike will also be thrown into the mix.

All Peloton bootcamp classes are fast-moving and action-packed. This means that they require a high level of fitness and are ideal for adding to your weight loss routine once you have built up the required stamina.

Peloton Bike Bootcamp can be done between two to five times a week, depending on how you recover from each session. However, if Bike Bootcamp is not your main Peloton exercise regime, and it is combined with other Peloton sessions, then two to three workouts a week are ideal. Either way, the resistance training offered here is fantastic for speeding up the metabolism that aids with weight loss.

8. Bodyweight Bootcamp Class

The Bodyweight Bootcamp Class requires a bike and an exercise mat. This class can last up to 60 minutes. It is one of those weight loss programs beginners can enjoy because they can call a timeout after just 30 minutes. Bodyweight Bootcamp combines HIIT training with certain floor exercises, and the lower and upper body exercises are easy to learn!.

This is an ideal Peloton class for weight loss because it combines cycling with circuit training. The whole process allows your heart rate to increase while you experience a metabolism boost, all without causing muscle fatigue. In addition, you constantly have to move around because of the combination of floor and bike exercises, which keeps things exciting while forcing your body to work harder.

9. Body Focus Class

If you fancy mixing up your exercise routine, then a Peloton Body Focus Class can do the trick! The various exercise combinations help to keep a session fresh and exciting. It is also a great beginner metabolic workout and doesn’t exhaust specific muscles. Instead, you will target all of your muscles throughout the session.

The Peloton Body Focus Class is a bootcamp workout that mixes cycling and gentle weight training. It is excellent for weight loss because it not only gives you a cardio workout, but it also aids in the building of muscle mass. When you carry more significant amounts of muscle mass, your metabolism speeds up and quickens calorie burning.

This class is suitable for beginners because there are only two cycling routines that last five minutes each. The weight training using mostly light dumbbells can last up to 15 minutes.

Even though the focus is not on the bike, this class still ensures that Peloton heart rate zones, fat burn zones, and metabolic rate increase.

10. Recovery Run

This workout is one for the treadmill and can be suitable for anyone, whether you be a beginner or an already accomplished runner. From a weight-loss perspective, it helps boost the heart rate, work the lungs, and get you moving both long and fast enough to start burning those calories.

The walking warm-up is quite lengthy but essential as it gradually builds up resistance. It also helps to prevent injuries and muscle pulls. The pace eventually picks up into a steady run, and the entire session lasts for 20 minutes. This is ideal because it prevents muscle soreness but is long enough to speed up your metabolism. It can be done regularly to build stamina because of the gentle pace of this exercise.

11. HIIT Run

As running programs for weight loss go, the HIIT Run is one of the most advanced. It is far more intense than the Recovery Run, and those who participate in it are far into their fitness or weight loss programs. However, those just starting their weight loss journey can still benefit from this class because it is an excellent workout that encourages calorie and fat burning.

HIIT Run is a mix of fast-paced running, jogging, and walking. The incline on the treadmill can also be adjusted to create an uphill force to really work the lower body. While it is extreme, the vigorous exercise only lasts for a couple of minutes before the pace slackens to allow for some much-needed recovery time.

There is also an extensive warm-up period, which helps prevent muscle soreness and pulls occurring during and after the class.

12. Peloton Intervals Runs

Peloton Intervals Runs range from 20 to 45 minutes, and as the name suggests, there are rest intervals between the sprints. The fast-paced action lasts for two minutes with changing inclines that are followed by a one-minute recovery time. This class offers a vigorous cardio workout and is a great stamina builder. It also helps you improve your endurance over time, burn calories, and get rid of body fat, all components that lead to you achieving your weight loss goal.

This class is best for those who have completed other Peloton classes, as it takes you out of your comfort zone. However, intermediates can opt for a 20-minute high-octane exercise session, which is more than enough for those wanting to lose weight. In addition, since stamina and fitness are built through speed cycling, this also helps with building muscle and weight loss.

13. Bootcamp Core

The Bootcamp Core mixes cardio with core strengthening exercises. While it has an abdominal focus, it still works most of the body. The classes usually get underway with some running and cycling followed by core exercises.

The classes consist of rounds that can last up to 15 minutes each and again are great for weight loss because they get the heart pumping and the muscles working.

14. Focus Flow

If you prefer a different weight loss approach, you could try a yoga class instead! This can be a stand-alone form of exercise that complements a healthy eating regime, or the Focus Flow class can complement a more vigorous Peloton exercise session.

Focus Flow is a quick way to learn how best to perform yoga because it is similar to having your own personal yoga instructor. During a class, you can expect most muscles to be given a thorough workout as you learn which yoga poses are best for certain parts of the body.

Even though yoga is a gentle form of exercise, it is still a highly effective way of shaping and toning the body. Not only does yoga improve flexibility and strength, but it also helps to rid the body of fat.

15. Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics are short yet effective classes that teach you the basics of yoga as a stepping stone to more advanced classes. Peloton Yoga Basics is a workshop that slowly takes you through one yoga move at a time. Each individual session concentrates on a different pose, and once each one is mastered, individuals can then use them to set up a sequence of yoga poses and concentrate on the ones they think will benefit them the most.

Each tutorial lasts 10 minutes, and the instructor dives in straight away without a warm-up or cool-down. It helps prepare students for full yoga classes consisting of moves that can be regularly practiced at home. Overall, yoga is great for weight loss because it speeds up metabolism and balances the flow of energy through the body.

16. Peloton Restorative Yoga

If you find that your weekly exercise and diet routine is leaving you feeling a little wiped out, then you may want to consider a Peloton Restorative Yoga session. These are more relaxing and less intense than full-on yoga, yet still keep the body active enough to continually burn off calories and body fat.

The classes are kept simple, and the emphasis is on recovery from the demands of frequent exercise sessions. It is also a nice stress reliever, helps ease the mind, promotes sleep, and leaves you with an overall feeling of wellbeing. Peloton Restorative Yoga allows the body to recover from injuries or muscle pulls that may have been obtained during more vigorous bouts of exercise. A typical session can last from 15 to 30 minutes.

17. Peloton Power Yoga

On the opposite side of the yoga spectrum to Restorative Yoga lies Peloton Power Yoga. As the name suggests, this form of yoga is all about building strength. It offers a thorough workout and is an excellent substitute for weight training because you use your own bodyweight to work the muscles instead.

Peloton Power Yoga does involve holding some of the more complex yoga poses for longer, which is needed to increase stamina and build lean muscle. This form of yoga also improves balance and flexibility!

Only 30 minutes is needed to gain maximum benefits from Peloton Power Yoga. It is a fantastic exercise addition to any weight loss program as it activates the body’s fat and calorie-burning processes.

18. Peloton Yoga Anywhere

Peloton Yoga Anywhere is a more practical approach to yoga. It focuses on frequency rather than how long a session lasts. This is because it revolves around the basic principle that frequent yoga sessions are more beneficial to the body than intermittent lengthy classes.

Each session involves stretching exercises that can be done anywhere, hence the title of the class. No yoga equipment such as mats or blocks is needed to gain the full benefits of this form of yoga. It is essentially basic but effective yoga that keeps you flexible and prevents muscle stiffness. It also offers enough movement to burn calories and speed up metabolism, even though each session only lasts 15 minutes.

19. 20 Minute Full Body Strength with Adrian Williams

Certain instructors run specialist classes, and some Peloton customers become accustomed to working out with their favorite instructors. Native New Yorker Adrian Williams is the figure behind one of the Full Body Strength classes. Weights are needed for this workout that incorporates three exercises that work all the muscles in the body. The session lasts for 20 minutes and is a great way to build muscle mass and lose excess body fat.

Prepare to complete plenty of stretching exercises as you warm up thoroughly before the weight training begins. There are regular intervals between each exercise session, and this is an ideal program for those who do not only want to lose weight but want to build a fair bit of muscle mass, as well.

20. 20 Minute Pilates Strength with Emma Lovewell

Pilates is a form of exercise that strengthens and tones the entire body. It concentrates on core strength and improves fitness, breathing, and general wellbeing. Most pilates is done on a mat, and the exercises themselves borrow from gymnastics, boxing, and even wrestling. Pilates is primarily used to improve posture, mobility, and balance, but when combined with a calorie-controlled diet and other activities, it can also aid weight loss. This is because Pilates is classified as a muscle-strengthening activity.

This 20-minute program is an introduction to pilates that is accompanied by music. Expect to start at a sedate pace before the intensity increases. Much of this class concentrates on core and shoulder strengthening, but it is also an effective complete body workout.

Does Peloton Have Weight Loss Programs?

There are various Peloton programs, including the Peloton weight lifting program, but there isn’t a specific program designed for weight loss. However, you can discover how to build a Peloton workout plan to aid with weight loss through exercise classes on the Peloton site.

Once you are up and running, you can learn how to stack classes on the Peloton app, and this makes it easy to keep track of the best Peloton classes that boost your chances of successfully losing weight. You can also discover how to fast forward a Peloton class to get to the part of an exercise routine that interests you the most.

Peloton is exclusively an exercise subscription site, and this is only one part of the weight loss puzzle. While many of the Peloton classes have helped numerous individuals become fitter, healthier, and leaner, exercise needs to be combined with a healthy eating plan low in calories and nutrient-dense. Other factors also need to be considered, such as stress levels, sleeping habits, and mindset. Unfortunately, Peloton does not offer this support, so it is up to individuals to address all these issues for maximum results.

Case Studies of Users Losing Weight with Peloton

As already mentioned, numerous individuals have lost weight with Peloton. This is because the exercises do not only build strength and stamina, but they also help to burn fat and calories. The total effect of engaging in various Peloton classes consistently can be substantial weight loss and body transformation.

  1. Connor Miniter is a Peloton user who benefitted from a regular Peloton workout regimen. Connor lost 100 pounds of body weight in only six months! Even after just a week on his friend’s Peloton bike, he lost 16 pounds, and this motivated him to make Peloton workouts part of his weekly exercise regime. Conner also stresses how important it is for exercise to be fun, and for him, Peloton was an enjoyable activity that he looked forward to rather than dreaded.
  2. Former cheerleader Rachel Davis was keen to get back into shape following the birth of her second child. She tried her own exercise routines, but she failed to make exercise an everyday habit until she discovered the Peloton app. Rachel used it to exercise at her local gym, and this meant that she could participate in Peloton classes there or anywhere she wished. As a result, she has gone from a size eight to a size two without even getting on a bike!
  3. Jacki discovered Peloton in the spring of 2019 after she viewed a photo her mother took of her that acted as a wake-up call for her to get in shape. Within a few months, Jacki had not only managed to transform herself physically, but she also changed her mental state. She was fitter, leaner, and lighter than she had ever been before!

Final Thoughts

Whether you are just starting your weight loss journey or have been on it for a while, Peloton can be an excellent tool for getting you where you want to be. You can utilize their bike, treadmill, and/or app. If your home space cannot comfortably accommodate a bike or treadmill, the app can be an excellent choice for you. The app contains numerous talented instructors who will take you through whatever workout you enjoy doing the most, without any equipment required.

Staying consistent and committing to a certain number of Peloton workouts each week will lead to you getting closer to your goal. You can work your way up from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels classes. You can also stack and combine classes ranging from high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT) to running, as well as yoga.

Pair up this consistency with a nutritional eating plan and general healthy habits, and your weight loss journey should be successful!

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