Title Boxing Membership Cost (Updated 2022)

Title Boxing Membership Cost

Workouts can be a stress relief for some people. Boxing, however, might be the best workout and stress relief combined. Especially because it is absolutely no contact, so as Title says you can “get fit, not hit.” Their 100lb heavy bags and coaches are designed to give you an empowering workout experience to tone not only your body, but your mind as well. How much more fun can a workout get?

Title Boxing membership costs between $69 and $89 per month. Pricing depends on where you are located, and you are encouraged to contact the facility you want to join. They offer a free trial class and also “Title On Demand” which starts at $19.99/month. Optional add-ons can include personal training, as well as purchasing gloves and wraps.

Let’s read on to learn more about what Title offers.

Title Boxing Membership Pricing

Whether you’d like to take a Title Boxing class here and there and pay the drop-in class fee, or opt for the unlimited classes route, you certainly have options! Read on to learn about the different membership levels and pricing at Title Boxing.

Membership TypeCostsWhat’s Offered
Unlimited Month to Month~$89.00Unlimited classes, Title On demand subscription, access to all clubs nationwide, month to month billing
Unlimited Yearly~$69.00Unlimited classes, Title On demand subscription, access to all clubs nationwide, 12-month commitment, billed monthly
1 Drop In Class$20One class of your choosing
Title On Demand$19.99/month OR $59.99/quarterly OR

Unlimited access to at home workouts, new every Monday

Title Boxing Membership Benefits/Amenities

The amenities really come down to the quality of the classes and the coaches. The classes are inspired by a boxers’ workout with trained coaches and top-tier equipment.

The coaches will get to know you and help you achieve your fitness goal and master the best form to engage your muscles correctly.

The group environment is a fun way to stay motivated and achieve goals alongside the people around you. If you are into working out, group fitness classes are a great way to meet people especially if you are new to the area.

Amenities such as personal training, weights and boxing rings vary by location as well, be sure to inquire with the facility of your choosing.

Is Title Boxing Worth it?

That’s up to you and the membership you choose! If you plan to attend more than 2 classes per week, the unlimited membership is worth it.

If you choose the yearly membership at $69 per month, that’s about $8.50 per class if you go 8 times a month.

If you choose the month to month membership at $89, that’s about $11 per class.

Either way, it is better to get a membership that pay for a drop-in class if you plan to attend 2 or more classes per week.

If you have your own heavy bag, wraps and gloves and prefer to work out in a home environment, then Title on Demand would be worth it. You save a little over 3 dollars per month if you pay for the year subscription of Title On Demand, or about $40 total.

Title Boxing Cancellation Policy

If you choose a month-to-month membership, there is no cancellation fee. If you are unsure if you will be able to commit for a year, the month-to-month membership is the best bet.

Each facility’s location will have different contract and paying schedules to it’s tough to say what the policy would be if you wanted to cancel before your 12 months is up.

Does Title Boxing offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Title Boxing offers your first class free. You will need to request your first class by entering your information on their website, once you select the location closest to you.

They also offer a 7 day free trial for their Title On Demand membership, so you can try it before you commit to the monthly payment.

Does Title Boxing Offer a Guest Pass?

Title Boxing does not seem to offer a guest pass at this time. Since their first class is free, if your guest has never been before, that would be a great way to bring a friend!

Are There Any Additional Costs?

There typically an initiation/enrollment fee upon starting and it is an additional one-time fee of $99.00.

Some clubs offer personal training which would be an added cost per month or per training session. This will vary in price by location if they have personal training, and you should contact the facility you want to go to directly.

Another added cost are wraps and gloves for your class. Wraps can range from $3.49 per pair to $16.99 per pair. Gloves can range from $24.99 – $200 and they range in weights from 12 oz being the lightest, and 20oz being the heaviest.

Depending on what membership you have, Title on Demand may be an added cost of $19.99/month. Some memberships have this built in.

Which Classes Does Title Boxing Offer?

Title boxing offers kickboxing classes that from range 30, 45, 60 and 75 minutes. It is a full body workout with a warmup, 3-minute bag rounds with kicking and punching and core.

Their boxing classes also range from 30-75 minutes, but do not include the kicking portion like the kickboxing classes.

They offer a 60-minute technique class for beginners to learn the safe and proper way to punch and kick the bag to prevent injuries.

Select locations are now offering Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes as well as personal training. These would likely be an added cost.

Title on demand, however, offers more classes. They offer kickboxing/boxing, HIIT, Strength & sculpt based on target area (upper or lower body, core) technique classes and stretches. They can be done at your home, on vacation, or anywhere on the go.

Does Title Boxing Get You in Shape?

Yes, Title Boxing can absolutely get you in shape! Especially if you are consistent with your workouts and maintaining proper nutrition, Title boxing can help you get in shape. Their high-intensity workouts work your abs, legs, arms to tone and sculpt your body.

The classes build muscle AND burn calories, (more than walking and running, to be exact!) to achieve weight loss goals and build muscle. Some even say more than 1,000 calories can be burned depending on the class!

Additional health benefits include improving your resting heart rate, cardiovascular fitness and improve coordination and balance.

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