The Little Gym Pricing (Updated 2022)

The Little Gym Pricing

Adults can head to the gym on a whim. Kids, however, don’t often have the same opportunities to get active in large, indoor spaces. The Little Gym is a children’s gym that offers a holistic approach to learning. It helps prepare children to master skills, both physical and emotional, that they need to grow and develop. You may be wondering what an option like this costs.

The Little Gym is a member-based organization which offers families a range of payment plans. Families who choose to pay monthly will pay around $76 per month. Those who pay quarterly will save and pay about $63 per month. All members pay a membership fee once a year, which costs between $35-$50, depending on your location.

This may leave you wondering about what exactly The Little Gym has to offer. We will share more about pricing, membership types, discounts, cancellation policies, and more below. So, stick around for a while to learn all about The Little Gym and what you can expect.

How Does the Little Gym Membership Work?

Let’s kick right off with how this membership option works.

Unlike gyms meant for adults, there are many additional member events and family nights held here. The Little Gym offers classes and practice times, which are additional classes during the week.

On top of those general offerings, families are offered discounts on events through their membership plan.

One event that takes place is ‘parent survival nights,’ offering parents a night off while their kids get to come play.

Other events like birthday parties, kids’ camps, and other events are also offered at a discount to members. Membership fees cover the whole family, and there are Member Only events held throughout the year at each location.

Little Gym Monthly Cost

Like many gyms, The Little Gym has pricing that may vary slightly across locations. However, we can give a good idea of what costs will look like. Thankfully, most locations seem to have similar price ranges.

Membership PaymentMonthlyQuarterly
Cost (Specific Prices Vary)$76 per month$190 for 3 months
(around $63 per month)
Annual Membership Fees$35-$50 each year$35-$50 each year
Benefits· Participation in classes and practice times
· Make-up class options
· Save on enrollment for next season
· Save on birthday parties, parent survival nights, and camps throughout the year
· Participation in classes and practice times
· Make-up class options
· Save on enrollment for next season
· Save on birthday parties, parent survival nights, and camps throughout the year

Members will be expected to pay an annual membership fee, which is separate from the membership payment cost. Most often, the annual fee is $40. It can range from about $35-$50, depending on the location of your gym.

Membership includes some of the events we listed above, classes, and savings for the next season. Pricing is ultimately based on the number of classes in a season, and can therefore vary, too.

Because pricing is dependent upon the number of classes in a season, memberships are pro-rated if you sign up late. Basically, you only pay for the number of classes you’ll actually be able to attend!

Why is The Little Gym So Expensive?

When you compare The Little Gym to local recreation centers, you might be paying 2-3 times as much monthly.

So, why is The Little Gym so expensive?

This gym is for more than just exercise, because there are elements that focus on children’s development.

Classes start and end with songs, there are warm-ups, intermittent activities, a sign language ‘word of the day,’ and more. Parents even get ‘homework’ to help them during the week as they work to find stimulating activities for their little ones.

These classes focus on creating variation for toddlers, which means that more planning and prep go into each session. Trainers at gyms for adults do their share of prep work but working with kids is always different.

Some might say that a gymnastics class once a week, or trips to the local rec center, are enough. There is a reason, though, that so many parents choose this gym for their little ones.

You get member events, a supportive community of parents and other kids, specialized instructors, and well-developed class plans.

Does the Little Gym Offer Any Discounts?

The good thing is that you can count on having discount options here at The Little Gym.

As you now know, members receive discounts on extra events like birthday parties, parent nights off, and kids’ camps.

Not only do members get priority enrollment on their next-season enrollment, but classes can be discounted, too.

The Little Gym offers 20% savings for each additional class that is taken by a child under the membership. When additional siblings are enrolled, they will also receive a 20% discount for their membership.

You can pay for your membership monthly or quarterly, but there are benefits to paying in full. For example, if you pay for the entire season up front, you get a 10% discount on the entire season of classes.

Although this children’s gym is a little pricey, there are plenty of discounts offered to help offset the cost.

The Little Gym Amenities

This children’s gym offers plenty of amenities, most of which are used for different class types.

Whether kids come for a dance class, gymnastics class, or parent/child play class, will depend on what areas of the space they use.

Each gym will differ, but The Little Gym does a great job of providing educational, stimulating ways for kids to learn.

Parents will find that the instructors are great with kids and help to redirect when it is necessary. Kids have access to things like building blocks, balance beams, parachute circles, and more.

Are There Any Hidden Fees at the Little Gym?

The Little Gym is straightforward about their fees. While members are expected to pay an annual membership fee, class seasons are priced fairly.

As I mentioned above, members are able to get pro-rated payment options if they choose to sign up mid-way through a season.

So, you can count on being fairly charged for the number of classes your child will take.

Guest Pass Policy at the Little Gym

There is not a specific guest policy at The Little Gym, but prospective members do get a free class to come try out.

In fact, many locations offer deals where enrollment on the day of the trial class can get families a year with no annual membership fee. Talk about a good incentive, right?

Additionally, if your child cannot make a class that you’ve signed up for, you can reschedule for a make-up class.

Does the Little Gym Offer a Free Trial?

The Little Gym offers a free trial class for all potential members, regardless of whether you know a current member.

This is a great way to try out a session risk-free, before committing to a season of classes.

What if you like the trial class, and enjoy a few subsequent classes, but decide this isn’t for you?

The Little Gym Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy is a good one, and better than most adult gyms, in fact.

If you cannot complete the season of classes, for any reason, you may cancel. All the gym requires is two weeks’ notice. They’ll refund you for the value of any classes that have not yet taken place.

Keep in mind, if you received any discounts, those will be honored, and you won’t get back more money than you paid.

What Classes Does the Little Gym Offer?

The Little Gym offers unique educational classes that help to stimulate the growth of young children.

They specialize in classes the center around play, and support emotional, physical, and social development.

  • Parent/Child Classes
  • Pre-K Gymnastics
  • Grade School Gymnastics
  • Dance Classes

Each class will vary a bit, based on the instructor and the age range that your child falls into. Your local gym will have more information on what you can expect when it comes to classes and scheduling.

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