Can You Take Pre-Workout on an Empty Stomach? 

Can You Take Pre-Workout on an Empty Stomach? 

Taking pre-workout products is a common practice before hitting the gym. While these products can be beneficial, it is important to make sure they are used in a safe way. Fitness is a mixture of nutrition and exercise, and this balance is one you should keep in mind.

You can take pre-workout on an empty stomach. However, you may experience certain side effects such as low blood sugar that can lead to nausea and dizziness. On the other hand, you will feel the impact of a pre-workout faster on an empty stomach. When taking pre-workout, you should consider your fitness goals and finding a good balance.

If you are considering taking pre-workout on an empty stomach for any reason, keep reading. We’ll go over any risks and benefits that this decision could provide. We’ll even tell you which pre-workouts are the best option for an empty stomach.

Should I Eat Before Taking Pre-Workout in the Morning?

If you are looking for an immediate release of the pre-workout’s effects, you can skip breakfast. However, it is important to note that pre-workout is not the only reason to consider eating in the morning.

If you are basing your decision of whether to eat around your pre-workout needs, this is not sustainable. The effects of pre-workout will release pretty quickly on their own, so consider your hunger above all else.

If you feel like your body needs food, you should eat. Additionally, food and pre-workout mix better than an empty stomach and the product, in the long term.

Should I Work Out on an Empty Stomach?

Working out on an empty stomach is a personal decision, above all else.

If you notice that your blood sugar seems to crash and makes you weaker, you should eat before exercise.

On the opposite end of things, working out on an empty stomach could also have its benefits. Though more research would be ideal, some studies suggest that fasted exercise works to burn more fat. If your primary goal is weight loss, this might be a good thing to try.

The results may not be significantly different or, based on other studies, this may not have true weight loss benefits.

So, again, if you are hungry and need energy before a workout, go ahead and eat.

What Are the Side Effects of Taking Pre-Workout on an Empty Stomach?

You should be careful about making a habit of taking pre-workout on an empty stomach.

There are some side effects to be aware of:

1. Jitters

Taking pre-workout without food can be much like drinking coffee without breakfast. The added caffeine to your system with nothing to balance it can lead to jitters that you can’t quite shake.

2. Upset Stomach

Another downside of taking pre-workout without food to coat your stomach is that your body may not handle this well. This could cause digestive irritation which leads to an upset stomach. Nobody wants to work out while worrying about needing the restroom.

3. Low Blood Sugar

This one leads to the next two, but you don’t want low blood sugar while trying to do physical activity.

4. Dizziness

Dizziness can be quite dangerous while operating workout equipment like machines and weights.

5. Nausea

Like the upset stomach portion, this could ruin your workout rather quickly.

Benefits of Taking Pre-Workout on an Empty Stomach

If you take pre-workout on an empty stomach, you will feel its effects much more quickly.

This analogy isn’t quite health centric, but bear with me for a minute. So, think about drinking alcohol on an empty stomach. While you might get tipsy after a full day of balanced meals, not eating before drinking gets you drunker faster.

The same concept applies to things like caffeine and a pre-workout. On an empty stomach, your body will absorb the product more quickly.

This means that it will take less time for the pre-workout to take effect when you drink it on an empty stomach.

Best Pre-Workout for Empty Stomach

If you’re planning to try out fasted exercise, or add pre-workout to your established routine, this list is for you.

While using pre-workout on an empty stomach is a great option for many, some products don’t sit well without food.

Here are 5 different pre-workout supplements that you can rely on to work well without food:

1. Creatine

  • This is an organic compound that our bodies already produce, so taking it on an empty stomach is safe. It won’t give you the immediate caffeine boost of some products, but it works well and is reliable.

2. BCAA’s

  • BCAA’s or ‘branched-chain amino acids’ help to increase endurance while reducing the protein diminishing effects of working out. This is a good, fasted option, despite what some say, because it helps to protect lean muscle mass during exercise.

3. L-Citrulline and Glutathione

4. Nootropic Pre-Workout Powder Caffeine-Free

  • Using a caffeine-free option can help you to avoid some of the jitters and negative effects of a fasted workout. At the same time, it will help you to sustain your energy and boost focus. You’ll also see that your NO (nitric oxide) is boosted for circulation and to aid in building muscle.

5. Combination Pre-Workout

  • A product that has L-citrulline and other BCAA’s and supplements can offer a balance that helps you meet fasted goals. Your endurance will be boosted which allows for muscle growth, lessened fatigue, and a more sustainable workout. Especially if you skip the food before exercise, this option could be great for you.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing a good pre-workout product for you, empty stomach or not, you should do your research. You can even consult with your doctor, personal trainer, or other professionals to see what the best fit may be.

The choice to take pre-workout on an empty stomach or to do fasted workouts will differ between individuals. Do what ultimately feels best for you and remember to always prioritize your health and choose nutrition first!

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