Soho House Membership Cost (& How to GET IN!)

Soho House Membership Cost

Soho House is an exclusive club for young, city dwelling individuals to come together in creative spaces. The social club started in 1995 in London and has grown to support houses in big cities across the globe. More than that, their hospitality brand has branched out to restaurants and retail. Soho House draws together like-minded young adults to work, collaborate and hang-out in their lounges, restaurants, studies, bars and rooftop pools. However, becoming a member could mean a long wait and a decent amount of money. 

A Soho House membership costs $2,504 annually or $626 quarterly.  Soho House also offers an Every House membership at $4,355 annually, and Soho Friends at $130 annually. Every package also incurs a $1,088 introduction fee. In an effort to keep the scene young and hip, Soho House offers a 50% discount on its membership if you are under 27.

Unlike other social clubs, they market their memberships to people from all walks of life with creative minds, not just people of status and wealth. Read on to learn about the benefits and cost of a Soho House membership before deciding if it might be worth it for you!

How Much Does It Cost to Be a Soho Member?

Soho House has different membership types. You can apply to be a member of one local house or to have access to every house around the globe. The second option is great if you travel a lot. 

If you live in a city without a house, you can still join a local creative group and access all the houses when you travel. You can also join as a Soho Friends member for relatively little money. And lastly, as a Soho House member or Friends member, you can add on Soho Works to your membership.

We’ll talk about the benefits and amenities offered with each membership below. For now, check out this chart to see the annual and quarterly membership prices.

Membership TypeAnnualQuarterlyUnder 27 AnnualUnder 27 Quarterly
Local House$2,504.13$626.03$1,252.06$313.02
Every House$4,355$1,088.75$2,177.50$544.38
Soho Friends- United States$130$13.33 (Monthly)$130$13.33 (monthly)
Soho Works

Registration Fee- $250

Flexible Seating- $450/month

Dedicated Desk- $800/month
Same as annualSame as annualSame as annual

These prices are based on New York location Soho House and vary slightly by city. Not included in these prices is the one-time house introduction fee of $1,088.75.

Something neat to recognize is the significant discount (50% off) for those under the age of 27!

Soho Every House

A Soho Every House Membership gives you access to all houses across the globe. This includes the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, North America and Asia for a total of 28 clubs as of 2021. With the recent substantial increase in membership applications, it is expected for many more clubs to pop up in the next few years.

Soho Friends

A Soho Friends membership gives you a global membership with access to Soho House bedrooms, studios, events, as well as benefits at spas and restaurants at member rates. It does not give you direct access to the houses, unless you book a room.

Soho Works

A Soho Works membership gives you access to spaces designed for work including meeting rooms, phone booths and podcast equipment. You have to be a House or Friends member and add on this membership for an additional fee. What’s cool is it allows you to meet and work with potentially like-minded, creative individuals.  You can rent out a desk space or opt for flexible seating.

Soho Membership Amenities

A Soho Local House Membership gives you access to a Soho house as well as studios in your neighborhood. The Soho House New York amenities include:

  • Rooftop Pool overlooking the Hudson River and downtown
  • Dining Room for all day eating and drinking and large and small parties
  • Vinyl Room for events
  • Drawing Room with sofas and armchairs
  • Club Bar with booths and bar stools for all day eating and drinking
  • Screening Room for showing movies
  • Spa at the health club

Soho Membership Perks

In addition to the many amenities offered with a Soho House membership, you do also get some pretty neat perks. Soho House members and Soho Friends get special rates when booking rooms, and the difference in pricing is pretty significant.  For example, the Cosy Bedroom with a queen size bed at Soho House New York goes for $890 per night. As a member you can book it for $445 or $505 as a Friends member. Not a bad deal.

Another awesome perk of being a member is 15% off at Soho Home. Soho Home is a Soho House brand that sells homeware products and offers interior design services. So, if you love the decor and ambiance of a Soho house, you can get a discount making your own space something you love as well.

Can’t forget the discounts you get at Soho House restaurants too!

Is a Soho House Membership Worth It?

The worth of a Soho House membership depends on who you ask. Soho House markets to not just the wealthy upper class but prides itself on accepting members from all walks of life with creative attitudes. The cost though is not attainable for everyone.

If you are working in the creative industry and making a decent income, a Soho House membership may be worth it for the opportunity to meet like-minded people, collaborate, work and hang-out in spaces with cool vibes. It also might be worth it if you happen to travel often to cities with houses and take advantage of the bedroom and restaurant rates.

Given the 50% discounted rate for members under 27, a membership could be worth it for those in the creative industry, in their early and mid-twenties looking to network and meet new people.

Can Anyone Get a Soho Membership?

There is an application process for a Soho House Membership. An application takes about 15 minutes to complete.

  1. You first have to create an account.
  2. Next, fill out the application which includes choosing a membership, filling out your profile, a recent photo and a short description about yourself.
  3. You also need a recommendation letter from a current member.

Is Getting a Soho House Membership Hard?

Getting a Soho House membership is not something everyone can achieve. The organization has strict criteria for membership and a board of club members that decide who is welcome to join.

According to the website membership is not just based on wealth and status but on creating a community of people with creative souls in common. 

To become a member there is an application process. While it is straightforward, you do need to submit a letter of recommendation from a current member.

How Long is the Waiting List for Soho House?

Soho House aims to keep its members young, hence the discount for under 27, but this is also why there is an ongoing new member acceptance process.

The wait can be long because there are apparently waiting lists upwards of tens of thousands of people long. Soho House believes in quality over quantity, so new members are only accepted periodically to keep their culture in line with their beliefs.

Because of the unprecedented high demand, Soho house is adding new houses annually. Hopefully, this will decrease the wait in the near future.

Soho House Guest Pass Policy

No one can enter the Soho House unless they are a member or are sponsored by a current member. A member can sign in up to 3 guests at one time. However, during busy times this might be restricted, or guests may be restricted to certain areas of the house.

Guests must stay with the member they came with and cannot stay after the member has left. The member’s membership is at risk if their guests do not follow the rules and policies.

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