Does Reformer Pilates Help With Weight Loss?

Does Reformer Pilates Help With Weight Loss?

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Pilates incorporates movements that seamlessly flow together. The intent is that they should be done precisely and deliberately, all while breathing deeply. In some cases, a Pilates workout can be done on a specifically designed structure called a reformer. If you are signing up for a class, you’ll see this called “Reformer Pilates.” This exercise has many benefits, but you may be wondering specifically if Pilates helps with weight loss.

Yes, Reformer Pilates can result in weight loss. It is recommended to practice Pilates three times per week for best results. Some individuals report visible body changes after only 6 weeks of consistent Reformer Pilates, along with a healthy diet. Additionally, participating in Pilates classes is highly effective for goals such as toning and building muscle, stabilizing joints, and improving posture.

In this article, we will talk about the results Pilates creates, how often you should be doing Pilates, and other helpful tips for getting started in this exceptionally popular exercise!

Can You Lose Belly Fat from Reformer Pilates?

Pilates is said to have an effect on one’s body composition and appearance. Because of the intense movements, a person who consistently participates in Pilates will see changes in their arms, legs, and abdomen.

Unfortunately, no exercise can truly target fat in certain parts of our bodies. However, Pilates aims to provide core strength, which can result in a smaller circumference of the hip and abdomen area, thus having the appearance of losing belly fat.

Additionally, it is important to note that the quickest and most effective results in the goal of losing belly fat will come from consistent workouts and a healthy diet.

How Many Days a Week Should You Do Reformer Pilates?

Pilates, along with many other exercise styles, is recommended at a frequency of three times per week. If you are a beginner, it is best to consult your doctor before participating.

Because Pilates is a low-impact workout, many individuals are able to quickly gain the momentum to complete four or five sessions per week. To see the quickest results when it comes to changes in your body, more frequent sessions are required.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Reformer Pilates?

Seeing your results is one of, if not the most essential part of working out to most people. On top of feeling better, we also want to look better. It is important to know that a healthy lifestyle and figs appearance is a journey that takes time.

The amount of time it will take to see results from Reformer Pilates will vary. Factors such as diet, frequency, and intensity level will combine with personal elements such as your age, weight, and gender.

Some individuals report visible changes in their body after just 6 weeks of consistent Reformer Pilates participation and diet change. However, others have reported no change after 12 weeks when the diet was not altered.

Pilates Reformer Body Transformation Before and After

Those who participate in Pilates frequently call it the “Pilates Effect.” The small, precise movements in Pilates cause you to engage your abdominals, straighten your shoulders, and lengthen your neck.

By the end of a Pilates class, you will feel the “Pilates effect.” This involves an elongated spine, smaller waist, and a lifted chest creating perfect posture. This results in your body looking longer, leaner, and more toned.

The number of calories burned in one Pilates class will vary. Whether or not you practice on a mat or reformer, the intensity of the class and your form. Additionally, personal factors such as your gender, age, and body type will also come into play. In an advanced class, you can expect to burn up to 250 calories per hour.

Does Pilates Help You Lose Weight?

Pilates has many benefits for our bodies such as improved posture, flexibility, and strength. It can also help us burn calories which leads to weight loss. We know that an average Pilates class will burn about 175-250 calories per hour.

In order to lose one pound, 3,500 calories need to be burned. The number of calories burned needs to be higher than the number of calories consumed in order to lose weight. Age, gender, and body type also play a part in weight loss as well.

Additionally, as we mentioned before, consistent participation in Pilates classes will also have a specific effect on your body, such as the reduction of your hip and waist size. This effect will give the illusion of having lost weight.

Pilates may not be as effective for caloric burn as high-intensity activities such as running or spin classes. But, if you enjoy it, do it! Enjoying a specific exercise will result in more consistent participation. For example, if you hate running and only force yourself to do it once a week, this is not going to be more effective than going to 3-5 Pilates classes per week because you love it.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is popular among many individuals of all ages and ability levels. Even celebrities rave about this workout regimen. With this in mind, you might be wondering what makes Pilates so great. Pilates can have a number of benefits when it comes to our health and overall wellness. Let’s dive a little deeper.

1. Increased Core Strength

Pilates has a heavy focus on improving core strength. That’s because, during the workout, you will be told to hold a pose and then add small movements to increase the intensity. This kind of movement engages your core and strengthens over time.

2. Better Posture

Core strength and good posture go hand in hand. The ability to sit and stand upright comes directly from your core muscles. If they are weak, you are more likely to slouch and hunch over. Pilates strengthens the core and thus promotes improved posture. This benefit is one of the top changes people notice first!

3. Prevents Injuries During Other Activities

The original purpose of Pilates was to rehabilitate soldiers during the 20th century. These small, powerful movements did wonders in increasing mobility, flexibility, and building lean muscles. Combining these elements allows our bodies to move better, which prevents us from getting injured.

4. Boosted Mood and Energy 

Participation in any exercise will leave us feeling exhilarated and ready to take on the day! Pilates is no exception. This is because, during a workout, our brain releases a chemical called “endorphins.” These chemicals produce a feeling of alertness and joy.

5. Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Pilates requires breath work which can reduce anxiety and the occurrence of panic attacks for individuals who are prone. Participating in Pilates also helps to balance our emotions and tune out the stress of the day.

Tips for Pilates Workout

If you have never taken a Pilates class, it can be a bit intimidating. As with any new exercise, you should consult your doctor before participating. This will ensure the safety and well-being of your body. We have gathered a list of tips to keep in mind for Pilates beginners. Take a look below:

  • Be Patient with Results
  • Don’t Expect Results that Pilates Doesn’t Offer
  • Focus on Proper Form
  • Stick to a Reasonable Schedule

What to Wear to Pilates Reformer Class

The most important element in deciding what to wear for a workout is comfort. Constantly worrying about ill-fitting items that need to be adjusted or get in the way of the workout is anything but helpful in your fitness journey.

Form-fitted clothing articles that are comfortable and allow full movement are beneficial. Think of your favorite leggings and a tank or cami. You can practice Pilates barefoot. However, some studios require grip socks, so it’s best to check in with the studio before being unprepared for a class. If you do happen to forget, some studios allow you to buy them.

When it comes to what not to wear, it is best to avoid loose clothing. Tight clothing lets the instructor see your form, which will help them help you!

Comparison of the Top Pilates Studios

The market of Pilates studios is quite saturated. With this in mind, it is easy to be confused about which studio should be your regular. Choosing a Pilates studio that is a good fit for you and your level of fitness can be an important decision. This will determine your abilities, how hard you push yourself, and ultimately, your results.

Below we have provided a chart with the top Pilates studios in the nation. We’ve included some of their amenities and membership cost to help you decide which is best for you.

[solidcore]Hands-on assistance from instructors, free guest passes, discount on retail itemsMonthly Unlimited - $19/class
BE Fit Modern PilatesPrivate and Semi-Private lessons availableMonthly Unlimited - $249/month
Equinox Studio PilatesVirtual Classes, over 500 workouts, true classic Pilates classes$230/month for club membership
Club Pilates

Free Introductory Class, 9 different class types, 4 intensity levels 
Monthly Unlimited - $199/month

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