How to Cancel Club Pilates Membership

How to Cancel Club Pilates Membership

Pilates provides an excellent workout for individuals of all ability levels. One of the best ways to practice Pilates is by joining Club Pilates, a global fitness operation. It uses the classic low-impact, full-body, core-centered Pilates approach to fitness to support strength gains and a healthy lifestyle. Club Pilates is great when it works with your schedule and budget, but what if it doesn’t work for you anymore?

You can cancel your Club Pilates membership in person or via certified mail. Club Pilates requires 30-day written notice of all cancellations. Some locations may allow for phone or email cancellations, but this is subject to your local studio’s policy. Additionally, Club Pilates membership may only be canceled online if the membership was created online.

To learn more about how to cancel your Club Pilates membership, as well as alternatives to Club Pilates, read on!

How to Cancel Club Pilates Membership in Person

Visit the Club Pilates studio with the following information ready:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Membership ID number
  • The card you use to pay

If you joined a well-run Club Pilates with a personable staff that knows you, you may not need to produce all of or any of the aforementioned items. Still, it’s useful to have things organized just in case.

Let them know that you would like to cancel your membership, and they will provide you a form to complete. Fill out the form entirely and submit it to a staff member. Be sure to take a quick picture with your cell phone or ask for a photocopy prior to leaving! You may need this proof later on to settle any disputes.

How to Cancel Club Pilates Membership via Certified Mail

Club Pilates allows for cancellations by certified mail.

To cancel in this fashion, follow these steps:

  1. Call your club and ask them to send you the cancellation form by mail or email.
  2. Complete the cancellation form and place it in an envelope addressed to the club.
  3. Bring the envelope to the post office and ask that it be sent as certified mail that requires a signature from the recipient.
  4. Call your club again after receiving confirmation that the letter was received so that they can confirm the cancellation will be processed.
  5. Ask for written acknowledgment to serve as a record of the cancellation.

How to Cancel Club Pilates Membership via Phone

Not all Club Pilates locations will allow a cancellation to be processed over the phone since they require a form completed with your signature. Inquire with your home club to see if it is permitted, and follow these steps if so:

  1. Get your membership information ready.
  2. Call your club and tell them you’d like to cancel.
  3. Answer their questions and follow their instructions until they finish processing.
  4. Confirm your membership has been successfully canceled.
  5. Ask for an email acknowledgment to serve as a record of the cancellation.

They may be resistant to providing any email follow-up, and you may need to reach out to remind them. We recommend you do this, as verbal agreements over the phone cannot be easily proven in the event of a dispute.

How to Cancel Club Pilates Membership via Email

We recommend discussing the possibility of an email cancellation with your home Club Pilates prior to requesting a cancellation via email.

Club Pilates prefers you visit in person to fill out the required form, and so their staff can run through a script of customer retention strategies in an effort to keep you. Not all franchisees want to provide the freedom to send an email and call it quits just like that.

If your home club allows for email cancellations, take down the address and send your official cancellation notice to their email. In the event they do not automatically provide a confirmation reply, ask them to verify receipt of the email and confirm that the cancellation has been processed.

If you still get no response, try calling or visiting to get a confirmation of your cancellation.

Can You Cancel Club Pilates Online?

You can cancel Club Pilates memberships online or in the app if you signed up online. Simply navigate to your account settings and select to cancel your subscription form there.

If you signed up in person at a local club, it is still recommended you go and cancel in person, if possible.

Does Club Pilates Have a Cancellation Fee? 

Club Pilates does not have a cancellation fee but requires a 30-day written notice to process cancellations. This means that you will not pay to cancel. However, you will likely wind up paying next month’s fees prior to the cancellation taking effect.

What is a “Late Cancel” for Club Pilates?

Club Pilates requires at least 12 hours’ notice for class cancellations. Failure to do so will result in a fee of approximately $10.

Can You Freeze Your Club Pilates Membership?

You can freeze your Club Pilates membership for up to 3 months at the price of $15 per month.

This option is great for those who still wish to continue working out at Club Pilates but may have other conflicts.

If you must take time off for medical purposes and can provide documentation, Club Pilates may be willing to waive the charges. Consult your home club to find out if this is an option.

Club Pilates Refund Policy

There are no refunds available from Club Pilates. All unused classes will be forfeited in the event of a canceled membership.

Club Pilates Membership Cost

Club Pilates offers various membership options based on the number of classes you’d like to take each month.

Membership NameWhat You GetPrice
All-Access PassUnlimited classes$199
10 Classes Monthly10 classes/month$229
8 Classes Monthly8 classes/month$159
4 Classes Monthly4 classes/month$89
Drop-in1 class~$30
PassportUnlimited classes at all locations~229

Please note the price of a drop-in class varies depending on the location you are visiting, as does the price of the Passport membership option.

Do Classes Roll Over at Club Pilates?

Classes do not roll over at Club Pilates. You must use them or lose them.

Can You Use Your Club Pilates Membership at any Location?

If you purchase a Club Pilates Passport level membership, you can go to classes at any Club Pilates location anywhere.

Club Pilates is careful not to share the price of this membership option, and it varies depending on where you purchase it. The Passport membership is approximately $229 monthly.

Club Pilates No Show Policy

Club Pilates charges approximately $15 if you fail to show for class, and you will lose that class from your monthly allotment.

Even if you are as little as 5 minutes late, your club reserves the right to refuse you entry and penalize you accordingly.

Club Pilates Waitlist Policy

If your preferred class times are fully booked, Club Pilates allows you to place yourself on a waitlist in the event of a cancellation. If someone cancels with more than 12 hours left before class begins, you will automatically take their spot as it becomes available.

Club Fit will send a notification to inform you that this has happened, so you are not surprised and accidentally no show for the class.

If the person whose spot opens up cancels late and there is now less than 12 hours prior to class, Club Fit will still offer the spot. However, you must deliberately confirm your interest. It will not automatically book due to the short notice.

How Do I Contact Club Pilates Corporate?

Club Pilates Corporate may be reached at (949) 346-9794 or by completing the online contact form.

If possible, we recommend working with your local club to reach a resolution prior to reaching out to Club Pilates Corporate.

Best Alternatives to Club Pilates

1. Yoga

If you are interested in the fundamentals of Pilates applied in a different fashion, taking classes at your local yoga studio might be best.

Yoga is excellent for full-body strength building, core work, balance and stability, breathwork, and overall mindfulness to help you improve both physically and mentally with each practice.

Pricing will vary depending on your location and the policy of your local studios. Generally, a single yoga class will be less expensive than a Club Pilates class.

2. SoulCycle

For those looking for a great workout that is low impact like Club Pilates, SoulCycle is a low to no impact option. This workout uses music and choreography combined with regular spin class hills and sprints to provide an all-around excellent experience.

New riders can expect to pay $38 for a single class or purchase various packages up to the 30-class package for $960.

3. Orangetheory

Orangetheory offers a full-body focus, like Club Pilates, but uses a data-centric approach to target and perform in the optimum heart-rate range during class.

The Basic Orangetheory membership includes 4 monthly classes for $59. The Premier membership provides unlimited classes for $159 a month.

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