How to Cancel CycleBar Membership (3 Easy Steps!)

How to Cancel CycleBar Membership

CycleBar is an impressive boutique cycling studio with topnotch instructors, enticing social engagement, and data for days. However, you may decide it is time to cancel your CycleBar membership. Fitness is challenging enough without complicated commutes, confusing contracts, and managing scheduling creep. When the hardest part of your workout becomes actually getting to class, it might be time consuming. So how do you cancel your CycleBar membership?

You can easily cancel your CycleBar membership by emailing your studio 30 days before the next billing cycle. You may express your wish to cancel in person to your in-studio staff, but they will recommend it be done in writing. Be mindful that CycleBar does not offer any refunds for unused classes, so you will likely have to forfeit those.

To learn more about how to cancel your CycleBar membership, as well as alternatives to CycleBar, read on! 

How to Cancel CycleBar Membership

Canceling your CycleBar membership may seem daunting, but it actually couldn’t be easier.

1. Speak to Your Home Studio Staff

First, let your home studio staff know that you wish to discontinue your membership. They don’t require a reason, but they might ask you why for quality assurance.

They also may try a soft sell hook or promo to keep you. If you were quitting over the price and the promo is good, you may not need to cancel anymore.

2. Email Your Official Cancellation 30 Days Prior to Next Billing Cycle

Inquire with your home studio where this email should go, as the recipient varies by location.

Once they provide the address, send an email that you wish to discontinue the membership effective immediately.

At this juncture, they may try any customer retention strategies, but you now have a clear timestamp and documentation of your intention to quit which will absolve you from future billing.

3. Ask for Acknowledgment

Once the email is sent, you’re good to go. However, it can’t hurt to ask your home studio staff to reply to indicate that they received your email and will process the cancellation effective immediately.

Some studios will provide written acknowledgment without prompt.

Does CycleBar Have a Cancellation Fee? 

As long as you provide the required 30 days written notice to your studio, there will be no fees associated with the cancellation.

You may incur some cost, however, depending on your membership level, as you will forfeit all unused classes. 

For example, if you pay for 8 classes per month, cancel, and then use only 6 from your 8-class allotment, you will not receive the remaining 2 classes.

What is a “Late Cancel” for CycleBar?

CycleBar is respectful regarding capacity to ensure an optimal experience for all riders. For this reason, they require advance signup, which can be done on the website or mobile app up to 7 days ahead of time.

CycleBar does have a “late cancel” fee if you unexpectedly cannot make the class and cancel your reservation within 12 hours of the class. 

Depending on your home studio, the fee may vary but will generally be about $20.

Some studios have amended the policy to allow for as little as 8- or 6-hours advance notice to accommodate last minute curveballs that prevent riders from getting to class.

Check with your home studio and confirm their specific policy to ensure you know in advance.

CycleBar Refund Policy

If you are unable to use any remaining portion of your unused allotment, CycleBar does not offer any reimbursement.

Unfortunately, CycleBar does not offer any refunds.

Once you cancel, however, you still retain your membership until the billing period ends. 

For instance, if you are billed on the 1st of every month and you cancel on May 1st, you will be permitted to ride until June 1st.

CycleBar Membership Cost

CycleBar offers two main membership structures. The first is a monthly billed option with a max number of classes. The second includes packs of classes used in punch card format that must be redeemed within a certain time of the purchase date.

The below rates are accurate for the Flatiron District location in New York as of May 2022.

Membership TypeNumber of RidesPrice
Billed Once1 ride$35
Billed Once5 ride pack$169
Billed Once10 ride pack$329
Recurring4 rides monthly$129
Recurring8 rides monthly$229
RecurringUnlimited monthly$299

All recurring memberships include 2 guest passes per month and 15% off CycleBar retail.

Can You Use Your CycleBar Membership at any Location?

It depends where you live.

Because CycleBar is a franchise operation, each studio is independently managed. That means your membership at the Flatiron District studio in New York will do you no good if you’re in Knoxville, Tennessee.

However, that Flatiron membership will give you access to any of 6 Manhattan locations. The Fort Lee location in New Jersey allows riders from Closter.

We recommend checking with your home studio staff before you sign up if you are able to book classes at any nearby locations.

CycleBar No Show Policy

Like the “Late Cancel” policy, CycleBar will penalize riders that book classes and fail to show. The fees can be approximately $20 or $25, depending on your home studio’s policies.

There are only so many bikes in the studio, and booking a spot effectively steals that spot from another would-be rider.

If you can’t make it, do your best to cancel with enough advance notice for other riders to take advantage, and you can dodge the extra fees too!

How Do I Contact Cyclebar Corporate?

CycleBar is owned by Pure Barre Franchising, LLC. in Irvine, CA, and may be reached at 949-381-5008.

Most business regarding your membership, however, can and should be handled by the staff at your home studio. If the staff is unable or unwilling to assist, ask to speak with the general manager or franchise owner.

Best Alternatives to CycleBar

1. SoulCycle

The NYC studio that helped bring boutique cycling to the forefront of the fitness community, SoulCycle incorporates music and choreography for an intense and effective workout.

Like CycleBar, riders can pay $38 for a single class or purchase various packages up to the 30-class package for $960.

2. Peloton

Peloton provides the community feel of fitness classes from the comfort of your home with their innovative and often imitated business model. 

Recurring costs are competitive with CycleBar, as access to the Peloton platform costs only $39/month, but there is a substantial upfront investment as riders must purchase the Peloton bike, which retails for approximately $1,495 MSRP.

3. Orangetheory

Interested in a killer workout with focus beyond just cycling?

Orangetheory has become extremely popular over the past few years, incorporating cardio machines, resistance training, and dumbbells for an all-encompassing metabolic conditioning workout in a group setting.

The Basic membership offers 4 monthly classes for $59, whereas the Premier option costs $159/month for unlimited use.

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