Does Peloton Have Pilates? (Classes, Benefits & Cost)

Does Peloton Have Pilates?

Pelotons have revolutionized the way that many people workout. With access to many incredible classes and guided options from home, more people than ever can build the lifestyle that they desire. This equipment is also versatile provides more workouts than the standard spinning classes. So, does Peloton also offer classes like Pilates?

Yes, Peloton offers multiple Pilates classes. These include a 10-minute Intro to Pilates, 20- and 30-minute Beginner Pilates, 20, 30 and 45-minute Intermediate Pilates, Silk Sonic Pilates, and 30 and 45-minute Advanced Pilates. You can find these on the Peloton app under “Peloton Strength”. The classes are broadcasted live and can be scheduled up to 2 weeks in advance.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Pilates classes offered on Peloton, like what the best classes, schedules, and instructors are, stay with us for a bit!

Where are the Pilates Classes on Peloton?

Like with most other guided classes, these classes can be found on the Peloton app.

You can find the Pilates classes on Peloton under ‘Peloton strength’ on the Peloton app.

It is easy to access for members who have the app, and easy to sign up for if you’re just getting started with your Peloton. You can also access these classes on your bike and tread touch screen monitor. However, no part of the practice is done on the Peloton equipment since this is a mat practice.

Peloton Pilates Schedule

The good thing about doing classes as part of your Peloton membership is that you truly have flexible access to Pilates workout sessions!

Since these classes are online, you might have expected them to be recorded and posted in the app for any time, but this is not the case.

Peloton classes are broadcasted live, and you can schedule classes up to 2 weeks in advance.

Your instructor cannot see you when you’re taking a class. However, you’ll know that you are following along in real time, which may feel more supportive.

Best Peloton Pilates Classes

If you are looking for some of the best Peloton Pilates classes, look no further! We’ve created a list for you based on the different levels of experience and class lengths to give you an idea of what your best options may be.

1. Intro to Pilates

  • These intro level classes are taught by multiple instructors, with Sam Yo being of the most popular instructors.
  • This class tends to last between 10 and 15 minutes gives a good foundation-level introduction to the practice.
  • You won’t expect to burn many calories, but you will learn the basics which will support you down the road as you develop your practice.

2. Beginner Pilates

  • These classes are offered by many instructors, as well.
  • Aditi Shah’s 30-minute class is a good option for those looking to really commit and dive into their practice.
  • You can take a 20- or 30-minute class and try out lots of different instructors over time to see what is the best fit for you!

3. Silk Sonic Pilates

  • This class is taught by Emma Lovewell as a one-off option and is meant to focus on core strength and endurance.
  • As a 20-minute practice, the commitment level is medium.
  • The benefit is that there are less poses so that newer practitioners can focus on their breath, form, and the way their bodies feel.

4. Intermediate Pilates

  • The intermediate Pilates class is 45 minutes long and taught by Kristin McGee.
  • It is great for anyone that feels confident in their practice but would not call themselves advanced quite yet.
  • Longer classes like these are great for hitting muscles and working parts of your body that might be missed during less repetitive practices.

5. Advanced Pilates

  • These are the most limited on Peloton, after the silk sonic classes, because of their advanced nature.
  • Kristin McGee, again, is a favorite when it comes to these classes.
  • Advanced sessions are 30 minutes long and offers a very comprehensive practice that focuses not only on core strength but on bodyweight strength training. This one even counts as cardio!

Does Peloton Have Pilates Reformer Classes?

No, Peloton does not offer reformer classes. When you use your Peloton, you’ll expect to find Pilates mat classes that keep you close to the ground.

A reformer is a piece of equipment that is especially great for beginners as it helps keep the proper positions and works the right muscles. However, mat classes are a very common way to engage in Pilates, as well.

Mat classes focus on sitting, kneeling, and laying down poses as a way to keep you engaged while strengthening your core and working other deeper muscles throughout your body.

Is Barre or Pilates Better?

You may see that Pilates and Barre are often compared thanks to their similarities. There are many similarities, but also differences in the way that these movements will affect your body, strength, and physique.

Workout TypeBarrePilates
Benefits· Combines elements of Pilates and yoga

· Inner and outer strength
· Flexibility

· Attention to small and large muscle groups
Drawbacks· Not cardio-focused

· Risk of injury without proper form

· Lack of functional strength gain
· Risk of injury without proper form

· Extensive control required
Impacts· Small movements

· Ballet-based
· Lengthening movements

· Focus is on the core


Barre combines elements of yoga and Pilates, helping you to gain inner and outer strength. However, this does not replace cardio workouts, and may not allow you to gain much functional strength thanks to the way that these movements impact the muscles.


Pilates combines attention to small and large muscles groups, allowing those who practice gain more overall strength and flexibility. There is, however, a great deal of control required. Additionally, core strength is a must and improper form could cause you to be injured.

So, which workout is better? It really depends on what sort of workout appeals to you, as well as your goals for your body, your mind, and your overall strength. Pilates has a lot to offer, in the way of strength, cardio, and flexibility training that makes it such a popular workout.

Peloton Pilates Cost

Practicing Pilates on your Peloton is free, technically, as it is included in your Peloton membership!

The Peloton membership is $12.99 a month. This is crazy affordable when you consider all of the classes and live instructor support that you have access to once you are a member.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates has so many benefits it might feel overwhelming, so we helped break it down for you. Benefits of Peloton include:

  • Pilates improves your flexibility
  • You will see increased muscle tone and strength
  • Balanced muscle strength, meaning that the muscles in both sides of your body and getting evenly worked
  • Tension relief through your shoulders, back, hips, and sides
  • Accessible and easy to do without much equipment
  • Improves posture
  • Sustains core strength which can lead to better balance and more strength

What Equipment Do I Need for Peloton Pilates?

Really, you’ll just need a mat to practice Peloton Pilates, since these classes don’t incorporate a reformer.

The good thing is that mats like this exercise mat can be utilized for many different practices. You can use a mat for yoga, Pilates, physical therapy exercises, core work like crunches and planks, and more!

Be ready to bring a mat, your Peloton membership, some water, and an open mind to your Peloton Pilates class and you’ll be good to go!

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