CorePower Yoga Prices (Updated 2022)

CorePower Yoga Prices

CorePower is a popular yoga studio, and just happens to be the largest yoga studio chain in the United States. With over 200 locations, this could be the best spot for you to get your yoga on!

CorePower offers both in-person and online membership types, though pricing will depend on your location throughout the United States. If you prefer an exclusively online membership type, that option is consistent at $49 per month, with new member specials. The in-person memberships offer access to studios and the online, on-demand classes, so you get to choose the best option daily.

We’ll talk about all of the benefits of this studio and its membership types. So, you can decide for yourself if this is a good fit. Keep reading to learn about CorePower and its policies, passes, and more!

Is CorePower Yoga Good for Weight Loss?

CorePower yoga does a great job at helping with weight loss. Thanks to the cardiovascular elements of the workout class, you can count on some level of weight loss. Now, this is dependent upon you following a consistent routine, as well as what the classes offer you.

Since yoga is unlike other cardio, that might get your heart pumping a bit harder and more often, consistency is key. The more yoga you do, the more toned your body will become, replacing fat with muscle.

You may not see the weight loss you hope to on a scale, because muscle weighs more than fat. Keep that in mind as you monitor your personal progress.

CorePower Yoga Membership Pricing

CorePower Yoga has locations across the country, so prices may vary based on location. However, we will break down some membership options for you to see what might be the best fit.

The prices listed here are average estimates, but your local studio will be able to give you specifics.

You can expect a monthly membership fee of about $159.

Membership PackagesAverage CostBenefits
1 Class$27You don’t pay for more than what you use
5 Classes$129 (~$26 per class)See above
10 Classes$245 (~$24 per class)See above
20 Classes$469 (~$23 per class)See above
1-Month Unlimited Classes$200 ($6-$7 daily)You get unlimited classes, and can save lots of money if you do yoga daily/multiple times a week
3-Month Unlimited Classes$479 ($5-$6 daily)See above

How Much is CorePower Yoga Worth?

When comparing CorePower yoga to some of your other options, it is actually quite worthwhile.

While many gyms have group yoga classes in their studios, often instructors have varying levels of training.

CorePower, on the other hand, is geared toward yoga specifically. Also, the classes themselves are cheaper than other nice options like Orange Theory, SoulCycle, and some other gyms.

These gyms are all different, but CorePower holds its own when it comes to full-body exercise! It helps to compare gyms that are on a bit of the higher end, to confirm that you are choosing the right one.

Another huge benefit is the schedule, which we will get into soon. CorePower offers classes at a great range of times, to ensure that members can make classes work for them.

If you are big into yoga, odds are that CorePower is your best option for a full, well-rounded experience.

CorePower Yoga Schedule

CorePower offers classes all throughout the day, to make sure that there are always available times to fit your needs.

Schedules will vary based on location, because each state and city will have different instructors, needs, and busy times.

Class schedules are listed on the website under each day of the week. You can expect classes at different points in the day from 6 am to 8 or 9 pm.

Instructors tend to end up working during the same timeframe weekly, so you may even start to get familiar with yours.

Make sure to check your location’s schedule to see which instructor will be leading the session. They update the substitutes, as well, so you can plan accordingly in the case that one of your instructors is out.

Does CorePower Offer Discounts?

Often, there are new member discounts to allow you to see if CorePower is the right fit. For example, new member promos might be offered as $59 for an all-access one-month membership. This is less than you’d expect to pay later, but helps you form a good connection with the studio itself.

CorePower also offers student discounts, which can help make it easier to be a student and find workout consistency.

Student discount pricing is ultimately determined by location. So, make sure to check out your specific studio to learn what you should plan to pay. Different studios have different discounts, and some may even be partnered with universities.

Does CorePower Yoga Offer a Free Trial or Guest Pass?

It’s always a gamble to commit to buying classes before trying out a gym. Even with CorePower’s one class offering, you’ll have to pay a membership fee. That can be daunting.

CorePower knows this and offers a free week of yoga for you to get your bearings.

The free trial ends after a week and, at that point, you can either officially become a member or decide to part ways.

As for a guest pass, your guest can use this same free trial. So, it really acts in whichever way you need. Bring a friend or try out CorePower for yourself during that free trial week!

Does CorePower Yoga Have Any Hidden Fees?

Thankfully, CorePower does not have any hidden fees. Their plans are set up so that you know exactly what you are paying for, when.

Say you need to freeze your account for any reason, there is also no fee for that.

There are some extra things that you can purchase in the studio, which you might want to be prepared for.

If you need a locker, those are free. For a towel, you’ll pay $1. If you need a mat or a water bottle, those both ring in at $2.

Overall, these are very cheap when you need something for your class once in a while. However, in the long run, you’re better off buying those things and bringing them yourself.

CorePower Yoga Cancellation Policy

CorePower has a good policy when it comes to cancellations.

Essentially, you have some time before classes to make a reservation. As long as you cancel your reservation before the ‘Cancellation Cutoff’, AKA the start of the class, you will not be charged.

It should be noted that if you make your reservation anywhere between 2 hours and 30 minutes before the class (when reservations stop), you cannot cancel. You’ll be charged a late cancel/no-show fee even if you book the class 2 hours out and then cancel right away.

Your card on file will be charged for any no-show or late cancel fees.

If you choose to cancel your membership, you’ll need to give 30 days’ notice, unless otherwise detailed at your location. CorePower has great details on their site about this, and the policy is in line with other, similar gyms.

Really, they are good about class cancellations and general cancellations. You won’t have to sweat it with them, unless it’s during a class, of course!

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