Club Pilates Cancellation Policy (Fees & Refunds)

Club Pilates Cancellation Policy

Club Pilates has made it easier for people of all ages to experience the power of adding Pilates to a healthy lifestyle. With the option for in-studio classes and on-demand virtual classes, trying Pilates has never been more accessible. Most studios will offer classes in sets or an unlimited package at a flat fee for the month, but what should you expect if you need to cancel?

There is no cancellation fee if you cancel your Club Pilates membership. However, you are subject to a $10-$15 cancellation fee if you cancel a class on short notice, but it varies between locations. Club Pilates won’t refund you for membership fees or classes if you cancel, but you can cancel any time in person or online.

To learn the details of how to cancel a Club Pilates membership, what fees are involved, and how to cancel via the app, keep reading as we will dive into these topics and more. Let’s dig in!

What is Club Pilates Cancellation Policy?

While Club Pilates allows you to cancel at any time, don’t expect to receive a refund for any unused classes or time left on an unlimited plan. There are no penalties for canceling early except for the lack of a refund. If you are unsure about signing up for a plan, consider buying classes in a pack so you can take them as you want without needing to cancel any memberships.

If you need to freeze your membership temporarily, many clubs will allow you to do this and save the remaining time you have on your plan.

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel a Class at Club Pilates?

If you need to cancel a scheduled class at a Club Pilates location, make sure you do it the day before. If you need to cancel within 12 hours of the class time, you will be charged a Late Cancel fee. This fee will vary between studios but averages around $10 per class canceled.

The reason for the steep penalties is due to the small class size and damage to the classes. If you need to cancel, there must be enough time for another person to sign up for the class hence the 12-hour timeframe. It gives the instructors enough time to have someone else jump into your spot.

Club Pilates No Show Fee

If you decide not to show up or arrive late, you may be charged a no-show fee. This fee is around $15 but will vary by location. If you have a plan with a set number of classes, you will not get this class back, in addition, to being charged the fee.

Does Club Pilates Offer Refunds?

Club Pilates does not offer refunds of any type. If you have an unlimited class plan and choose to cancel, you must visit the location to complete a cancellation form. You will not be refunded for the rest of the month, but you will have access for that time.

How to Cancel Club Pilates Subscription

To cancel a Club Pilates membership purchased via a studio location, contact the studio to see if they can mail you a cancellation form or visit the location to sign the form.

If you have enrolled via the Club Pilates website or mobile app, you can cancel via the account settings on the site or app.

Remember, you won’t receive any refund for unused classes or time but will still have access until your time runs out.

Why Are Pilates Classes So Expensive?

Pilates classes are more expensive than a standard gym membership with fitness classes. This is due to the certification process required to become certified to teach Pilates. Pilates comes in different styles and forms, each with its certification. Even a Classic Pilates instructor will need to train for over 75 hours to receive the certification.

The cost of a Pilates certification is expensive. A level one certification can cost around $200, but a level three certification can cost several thousand dollars to complete.

If you found an inexpensive Pilates class, err on the side of caution as the instructor may not be certified.

Another reason for the cost is the size of the classes. Pilates classes are done in small groups making them more hands-on and expensive.

Related Questions

Can You Go to Multiple Club Pilates Locations?

The basic unlimited membership will give you access to unlimited classes at the location you enrolled. If you tend to travel or have multiple studios in your area, Club Pilates Passport would be perfect you. It is an add-on to the unlimited monthly plan that will give you access to over 500 locations across the United States.

If you are currently an unlimited plan member and wish to drop into a class at another location, most clubs will let you for a nominal fee, typically around $30.

What is Club Pilates Membership Cost?

If you want to join Club Pilates as an unlimited member, you can expect to pay $200 for a month of unlimited classes. If you want to access multiple locations, it will cost more.

You can also keep an eye out for Groupon specials where you can score a membership at a considerable discount.

If you aren’t ready to commit to an unlimited plan, you can buy classes in smaller packs. Four classes per month will average $90 per month, eight classes at $160, and 10 classes for $229.

What is Club Pilates Waitlist Policy?

If you want to attend a currently full class, you can add yourself to the waitlist for that class. In the event someone drops the class, you will be notified via email that you have been added to the class.

If there are less than 12 hours before the class when someone drops out, you won’t be automatically added to the class and will need to check the website for openings. It is important to note that if you don’t show up for the class or cancel in less than 12 hours, you will be charged a late cancel fee or a no-show fee and forfeit the class.

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