Can Pre-Workout Expire? (And How to Prevent Clumping)

Can Pre-Workout Expire?

You may know of pre-workout as a powder, liquid, or other form of caffeinated supplement. You may also know that it can help you make the very most of your workout session. Does pre-workout have a best-by-date, though? How do you know if your pre-workout is too old?

Pre-workout can expire if it is past its ‘use by’ date. This date is about 2 years after the production date. While expired pre-workout won’t cause food poisoning, it may upset your stomach. Keep your pre-workout sealed until you’re ready to use it and store it away from moisture. If your pre-work’s color or taste has changed, discard it.

How can you tell if pre-workout has expired, when it is safe to use, and how to keep it fresh? Stick with us to go over the basics of pre-workout and how to get the most out of it.

How to Tell If Pre-Workout Is Expired

Knowing when your pre-workout is expired is important for obvious reasons, including but not limited to your general wellbeing.

How can you tell if it is expired?

  • First and foremost, look at the label. Your pre-workout should be good for about 2 years after you buy it. If your pre-workout is past the ‘use by’ date, it won’t be as beneficial. You may not get sick, but it may not be quite worth using old pre-workout.
  • Taste change. If your pre-workout has changed in taste, that may be an indication that an ingredient has gone bad. Even if the pre-workout is safe, the quality may not be up to par.
  • If your pre-workout looks different, this may also mean that it has lost quality. Color change in pre-workout signifies heat or moisture exposure, which can ruin the product.

Does Alani Nu Pre-Workout Expire?

Alani Nu sells many supplements, including pre-workout. Like any other pre-workout product or supplement, it can expire if left sitting without use.

Especially if the product is neither properly stored nor sealed, Alani Nu pre-workout is susceptible to expiration.

The pre-workout is vegan and has amino acids as well as natural flavoring. Without the presence of preservatives, this pre-workout should either be used or properly kept until use.

C4 Pre-Workout Expiration Date

When unopened, a C4 pre-workout powder may have a shelf life of about 4 years. However, most will have a ‘use by’ date that is about 2 years after the product was made.

Like other pre-workouts, C4 is the same. You should avoid using it once it has aged past its expiration date to avoid causing stomach issues. Additionally, expired pre-workout will not provide the results you hope for.

You can use C4 pre-workout for 2 years of having it, which should be plenty of time to use it.

Total War Pre-Workout Expiration Date

Total War is another popular pre-workout that you may be looking to buy. As with all the others, there is a ‘use by’ date that we recommend following.

You can realistically expect your Total War pre-workout to last for about 2 years after purchase. Simply maintain your Total War pre-workout by storing and sealing it to ensure quality and effectiveness.

This tends to come in one-month supplies, so the 2-year deadline should be an easy one to meet.

Is Clumpy Pre-Workout Safe to Use?

Generally, clumpy pre-workout is safe to use. Clumps can mean that there has been some exposure to moisture, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

The quality and effectiveness of your pre-workout may not be impacted by this. Overall, clumps formed are a shift in the texture of the product and nothing more.

If there has been color change or the taste is noticeably different, this could indicate expiration.

Again, expired pre-workout doesn’t exactly mean that it is unsafe, just less effective.

What Makes Pre-Workout Clump?

Certain ingredients simply hold on to moisture from the air for longer. This results in those clumps that you see in an otherwise smooth powder.

Since pre-workout does tend to come in a powder form, it must be able to mix with liquids. These products will attract and cling to water molecules, including those in the air when they are available.

If you leave your pre-workout untouched for a while, it is not unusual for it to get clumpy. It may even end up being harder overall, feeling more packed together.

This can be avoided, and we’ll walk you through it.

How to Prevent Pre-Workout from Clumping

So, pre-workout clumping isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you’re still not a fan. Don’t worry, we get it! Here are three ways to prevent your pre-workout from clumping.

Scooping & Mixing

First, if you use your pre-workout frequently, odds are you’ll be scooping it out and mixing up the powder regularly. This will keep the powder from clumping thanks to the constant loosening of the product.

Shake It Up!

You can also shake up your pre-workout occasionally for the same effect. There’s no shame in using pre-workout infrequently. In fact, it is used less often than many other workout-related supplements. If you want to keep it fresh and smooth, though, make sure to mix it up every now and again.

Anti-caking Agent

If this doesn’t sound like something you’ll do, throw and anti-caking agent like a silica gel packet in there. That will help to draw moisture away from your powder to keep it smooth.

How to Prevent Pre-Workout from Going Bad

Clumpy pre-workout may be a nuisance, but powder that’s gone bad is even less ideal. If you want to avoid this situation, there are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Keep your pre-workout sealed until you’re ready to use it.
  • After opening, keep the product sealed and in a cool, dry location.
  • Mix up the pre-workout occasionally, even if you aren’t actively using it.
  • Keep the product away from moisture by storing it safely and with a silica gel packet left inside.

Can I Keep Pre-Workout in the Fridge?

Yes, you can keep pre-workout in the fridge. This happens to be one of the best places to store it, so congratulations if this is already your location of choice!

Can Expired Pre-Workout Make You Sick?

Expired pre-workout won’t give you food poisoning, but it may upset your stomach.

This is something that most of us try to avoid, especially when heading to the gym. It’s less than ideal to work out with stomach pain, no matter what the cause.

Nausea, bloating, and intense stomach pains could stem from expired pre-workout. However, this is not very common.

Generally speaking, pre-workout that has expired will make you feel less than your best, but it will also pass quickly.

Can I Consume Pre-Workout After the Expiration Date?

If you consume pre-workout after the expiration date, there will likely not be any serious consequences. To your health, that is. Your stomach may not agree.

While you may not see lasting, dangerous effects when consuming an expired pre-workout, it is not recommended.

Consuming expired pre-workout leads to nausea and stomach pains above all else. This combined with a workout session or class, however, and you’ve got a problem. So, try to use your pre-workout before it expires.

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