9 Round Fitness Membership Cost (Updated 2022)

9 Round Fitness Membership Cost

Many people work out to clear their minds and tone their bodies, and kickboxing may just be one of the most beneficial workouts there is. Thanks to 9 Round’s style that works with your schedule, offers semi-private trainings, and intermittent rotation around the different workout stations, you’ll not only see but feel the results

A 9 Round membership costs $79/month for 12 months, $89/month for 6 months, or $109/month for 3 months. Each plan also has an enrollment fee of $99. You can also choose a 12-week term membership, which has a flat rate of $349 and no enrollment fee. Finally, online workouts are now offered via Zoom at $49/month with no enrollment fee.

Stick with us to learn about 9 Round Fitness, amenities, cancellation policies, additional costs, and more.

9 Round Fitness Membership Cost

Let’s start off by breaking down the prices for 9 Round Fitness.

You can expect to pay less overall the longer you are enrolled with 9 Round, which is standard practice for most gyms and facilities.

You can see a chart below to break down the cost, which may or may not include an enrollment fee.

Membership TypeOnline Workouts (Via Zoom)12-Week Term3-Month Term6-Month Term12-Month Term
CostMonthly Fee: $49

Enrollment Fee: $0
One Time Fee: $349

Enrollment Fee: $0
Monthly Fee: $109

Enrollment Fee: $99
Monthly Fee: $89

Enrollment Fee: $99
Monthly Fee: $79

Enrollment Fee: $99

As you can see, there are options for 12 weeks and 3 months, which are technically the same.

With a 3-month term, your slightly higher overall payment is worthwhile. This is because you can more easily extend to 6 or 12 months at a lower monthly fee since you’ve already paid the enrollment fee.

With this, you may be wondering about things like discounts and cancellation fees, so let’s dive into the other aspects of a 9 Round membership!

Does 9 Round Offer Any Discounts?

There are many discounts for 9 Round Fitness offered on sites such as Groupon. For example, you may be able to get a one-month membership promotion for $30.

This does not fit into the typical 9 Round membership structure, but that’s why it’s a promotion! We all know that they hope you’ll come back, but take advantage of a less expensive, lower-commitment option when it arises.

Other sites such as hotdeals and couponbirds also boast similar discounts and promotions. 9 Round itself also may run promotions based on locations, but since there are so many it’s hard to categorize which, individual gym may offer a specific discount.

9 Round Fitness Membership Benefits

  1. 9 Round is unique in that there are no restrictive class times, so you can show up on your own schedule.
  2. You can also expect to have access to semi-private training with an instructor to help guide you through your 30-minute workout session in a way that is intentional and helpful.
  3. You’ll expect to spend 3 minutes each at 9 different workout stations, which will allow for a full-body workout experience.
  4. On top of all that, members gain nutrition support, performance reports, heart rate training, and the support of a community of trainers and other patrons.

Is 9 Round Fitness Worth It?

9 Round Fitness is revered by its members for the 30-minute workout sessions it provides. Not only are these great, high intensity, quick sessions, but they also place emphasis on the intentionality of the exercise and how it makes you feel internally.

More so than inner strength, these sessions tend to be motivational and boost confidence, endurance, promote heart health, relieve stress, burn calories, and even improve sleep.

As you sweat out toxins and build lean muscle, you’ll be able to see a physical and mental difference because of training that is very geared toward that mind-body balance.

9 Round Fitness Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your membership after a payment on a monthly membership plan, you’ll keep your membership until the end of that monthly cycle.

If you cancel your membership on a term plan, you will be billed for an entire term at a time. So, you’d renew or cancel before each new term begins.

There is no cancellation fee at 9 Round, which is another incentive to take the leap. There’s nothing holding you to a membership for longer than you want, other than your own personal results and motivation to keep going.

Does 9 Round Fitness offer a Free Trial?

It’s intimidating to commit to a new gym for even 3 months, which is why Round 9 offers a free introductory workout so that you can truly get a sense of the atmosphere before joining a location.

You’ll first pick your introductory location, as there are multiple gyms spread across states and countries.

Next, you’ll select the date you want your first session to take place, as well as a workout time that suits you.

Finally, you’ll add your contact information so that you can show the confirmation of your introductory session when you arrive to 9 Round. It’s as easy as that!

9 Round Fitness Guest Pass

While 9 Round does not offer a specific guest pass option, any first-time attendees can come to a class for free as a part of the trial option for an introductory session.

So, say you have a family member or a friend in town that wants to check out the place you’ve been raving about. You’ll just help them sign up for an introductory session at the same time you plan to go, and there you have it!

Are There Any Additional Costs?

The only additional cost you’ll pay 9 Round on top of your monthly payment is the $99 enrollment fee.

Since all lessons are taught in a way that is semi-personal training, you don’t need to pay extra for a trainer or to use any of the amenities at the gym.

When it comes down to it, this gym membership is straightforward and allows you to know exactly what services you are paying for and committing to.

Which Classes Does 9 Round Fitness Offer?

9 Round fitness has, well… 9 rounds of workouts each session.

You’ll begin with functional movement training using free weights to help develop your strength and stamina in rounds 1 and 2.

Next, in rounds 3-8, the kickboxing portion of this gym comes into play. From punching and kicking to learning specific techniques and building coordination, you’ll gain so much more than extra strength from these 6 rounds.

The final round 9 focuses on abs and core to improve the way you feel overall as you strengthen those important core muscles.

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